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2003-12-02 20:00:01 #virus from 2003-12-02 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:01localrogerOnce you create a free market in organs, the barrier to getting paid for them is eliminated, and all the rest of it can be hacked.
20:00:08Luciferok, time to start the weekly chat
20:00:11Mermaidthere are no third parties and back doors now???
20:00:12LuciferThe topic is Radiance
20:00:18localroger* localroger goes on-topic
20:00:25Mermaidlater then
20:00:30rhinoi think roger does have a point, if the demand is much stronger than the offer and so much is at stake
20:00:43localrogerAfter the chat, guys. Radiance now.
20:00:50Lucifer(Greek teleios, teleos, perfect, complete (from telos, end, result. See kwel-1 in Indo-European Roots) + sophia, knowledge, learning.)
20:01:08Luciferteleosophy is a word I created to mean a goal-directed philosophy
20:01:21Luciferor A set of ideas or beliefs adopted for an explicit purpose
20:01:24rhinoyes, that is what it means for me
20:01:31Luciferor A coherent system of values adopted to work toward an ideal goal
20:01:49localroger* localroger senses a circularity here
20:02:06localrogerIf you adopt a belief consistent with your goals, it is likely that your goal is in turn shaped by your beliefs.

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].ip216-239-71-102.vif.net) has joined #virus

20:02:17Luciferhey Ophis, just in time
20:02:36LuciferI posted a msg to the virus list a little while ago about my new conception of Radiance
20:02:53Luciferjust a sec...
20:03:15rhinoi saw it, but i didn't understand it enough to comment
20:04:02LuciferThe new concept is to identify the name Radiance with an idea (hopefully a meme) that embodies all that we value
20:04:18LuciferNotice I have adopted hkhenson's definition of meme ;)
20:04:39rhinocultural transmission unit?
20:04:59Luciferhkhenson would say an idea is not a meme until it is replicated
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