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2003-11-11 20:00:03 #virus from 2003-11-11 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:03LuciferThat's the latest plan
20:00:42OphisI just need to cancel a few credit cards and I'll be ready
20:00:58LuciferOK, let's get started with tonight's topic
20:01:03LuciferImproving Meridion
20:01:16LuciferI'm looking for things to change so that it gets wider usage
20:01:39Lukianwhat's the purpose of Meridion? :)
20:01:40OphisYou mean wider usage within CoV
20:01:43LuciferSo far we have 56 members signed up (not bad)
20:01:51LuciferYes, within CoV
20:02:11OphisHow many active members on the BBS?
20:02:31LuciferHow would you define active member?
20:02:56Ophishmmm... people who have posted more than 2 articles in the last 4 weeks
20:03:13Lukianeven 1 article? :)
20:03:30LuciferLooks like around 30 have logged into the BBS in the last day
20:03:59LuciferIt would take me a while to figure out how many posted more than 2 articles in the last 4 weeks
20:04:23Lukianlogins for the last 3-4wks then?
20:04:29OphisHow about just the number of users who logged-in more than twice in the last 4 weeks?
20:04:41Lukianthat sounds good Ophis :)
20:04:47LuciferThe purpose of Meridion is to develop the CoV
20:04:49OphisI agree with Lukian
20:05:21OphisI think Meridion has been fulfiling its purpose pretty well
20:05:54outlawpoethave there been complaints by users?
20:05:57LuciferAbout 90 have logged on in the last month
20:06:05OphisIt did upset a number of people over the last few months though. I can't say that I understand the complaints
20:06:25Ophisso we have 56/90
20:06:27Ophisnot bad
20:06:37Ophisbetter than US elections
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