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2003-10-07 20:00:13 #virus from 2003-10-07 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

Hermit (~Coffee@[death to spam].fairfield.pizzaz.com) has joined #virus


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VogonPoet (~eirc@[death to spam]. has quit IRC [Quit: Today is a good day to chat.]

20:00:20rhinohey ophis, WW, prometheus
20:00:25rhinoin order of appearance
20:00:32Ophis* Ophis welcomes Hermit
20:00:35WWhello rhino
20:00:39prometheusHi rhino.
20:00:41localroger"And todays demonstration of cat-herding is brought to you BY..."
20:00:44Hermit* Hermit waves to the crowd.
20:00:45LuciferOK, time to start?
20:00:55kirksteele* kirksteele nods
20:00:58LuciferThe topic for tonight is the Virian DisciplinaryProcess
20:01:14HermitDo you have your sticks, your nails, your spears, your cup of vinegar, your dice, all ready?
20:01:18LuciferI expect everyone to stay on topic for at least 60 mins starting now
20:01:31LuciferIf new people join, greet them privately please
20:01:48LuciferWe're going to have a clean bout, right? No low punches.
20:01:58HermitHas anyone not read the document in question?

Guest9476 (~eirc@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:02:33localrogerIt's only been up for what, four months?
20:02:37LuciferAs you all probably know, Hermit is the author of the document
20:02:42Sat* Sat nods
20:02:55HermitOk, Then you know what it is about. So I think that a good astart will be to open for questions. Lucifer to tally requests for attention via /msg?
20:03:18LuciferFirst version of the document was saved on Aug. 25
20:03:46localroger* localroger pleads "seemed like." Will behave from now on.
20:04:02LuciferLet's go more informal. Wait until all questions are answered before asking another.
20:04:16HermitNo questions?
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