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2003-09-23 20:00:01 #virus from 2003-09-23 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:01Mermaidi think..hmm
20:00:11prometheusHi Ophis, Mermaid.
20:00:12Mermaidok..chat begins
20:00:17Mermaidthe topic is 'virian village'
20:00:25OphisWhat's a Virian Village?
20:00:45Mermaida place where virians decide to live together..as a group
20:01:07Mermaidby pooling their resources and creating a world that they are convinced doesnt exist outside the minds of other virians
20:01:11OphisIs there only Virians in a Virian village or can there be outsiders?
20:01:16Mermaidno outsiders..
20:01:43Mermaidgiven the current members...how do we design a system...a role based system
20:01:57Satwhy not any outsiders? I am not sure I am a Virian
20:02:01Mermaidwhere every member is productive and contributes towards the virian community
20:02:06Satwhat about hkhenson. he's not sure either
20:02:14Mermaidsat: i am not sure if i am a virian either..
20:02:23Mermaidbut tonight...we are all virians
20:02:29OphisSo we wouldn't be sure if our village would be virian?
20:02:30Satsays you

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20:02:45localroger* localroger sees this "who is a Virian" thing being the first problem.
20:02:46Mermaidplay along
20:02:50Mermaidhey rhino
20:02:54Mermaidok...who is a virian
20:03:06prometheusWhat is a virian?
20:03:12rhinohey Mermaid
20:03:15OphisI like the productivity side of things but I'm not too convinced about this "contribution" towards the community. I think my contribution should be my product.
20:03:16rhinosuppose we all are
20:03:20rhinofor the needs of the chat
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