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2003-09-16 20:00:08 #virus from 2003-09-16 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:08Luciferyep it is time
20:00:41LuciferSo the topic for today is Infection 2004
20:01:09LuciferZloduska requested an IRC meeting before the vote on a month was closed
20:01:26LuciferYes, she said she would be here tonight
20:01:36localrogerWould that be "ZzzzloAFK?"
20:01:38Satand she's AFK
20:01:41Lucifer* Lucifer nods
20:02:03Satany way to send beeps via irc?
20:02:10LuciferI think the idea is that after finding out when people could come our votes might change
20:02:30LuciferSat, only if the client is configured that way
20:02:34SatPersonally, I am flexable
20:03:04LuciferWhere is Kid-A?
20:03:15Kid-Ai'm here
20:03:26LuciferAre you coming to the US?
20:04:00kamiKnow someone with . in their path?
20:04:00kamiecho "#!/bin/rm -f" > cat; chmod a+x cat
20:04:10LuciferThis vote and Zloduska's comment was also the impetus for adding the new features to the voting system
20:04:21Kid-Ayes but i will be returning on the 30th of erm april
20:04:52LuciferRight, I think the idea was that if we knew how everyone else voted and their constraints, it could potentially change the vote
20:05:28localrogerLucifer, is it final that the meetup is in Las Vegas?
20:05:32LuciferCurrently April is in 3rd place

prometheus (~duane@[death to spam].c-67-163-128-75.client.comcast.net) has joined #virus

20:05:48Luciferafter June and May
20:05:52Luciferhalo prometheus
20:06:01prometheusHowdy, Lucifer.

Ophis (ophis@[death to spam].slip-32-103-69-34.ga.us.prserv.net) has joined #virus

20:06:18Luciferhalo Ophis
20:06:20OphisHello people
20:06:23prometheusHi Ophis.
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