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2003-09-09 20:00:09 #virus from 2003-09-09 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

Fenrir is now known as Kid-ding

20:00:10hkhensonand background for almost any discussion of cooperative groups
20:00:20Lucifer* Lucifer hands out frosties to everyone that wants one
20:00:24LuciferAre we ready?
20:00:31Kid-ding* Kid-ding takes a frostie
20:00:32LuciferWhy be good?
20:00:40hkhensonactually, that relates directly to the topic of the evening.
20:01:06hkhensona technical term for good is "nice"
20:01:07LuciferIn the absence of an all-seeing punisher, what reason to we have to do the right thing?
20:01:13hkhensondon't defect first
20:01:43LuciferWhy shouldn't we cheat if we think we won't get caught?
20:01:46KalGonepersonal satisfaction
20:01:51hkhensonwhich has a specific meaning in the itterated prisoner's delimma game
20:01:53prometheusTit for Tat strategy?
20:01:56Lucifer* Lucifer opens the floor
20:02:02hkhensonbecause You will be caught
20:02:03ixit makes a nice habit for doing good when you're seen.
20:02:13hkhensonand killed sometimes.
20:02:29Kid-ding* Kid-ding falls into the basement
20:02:35LuciferNo, you won't always get caught
20:02:39Sat-Bobbecause if we all cheat and act selfish we'll be come republicans?
20:02:39hkhensondoes anyone else know someone who was wiped out for being too nasty?
20:02:56hkhensonlucifer, I said sometimes.
20:03:01hkhensonnot always.
20:03:01localrogerhkhenson: Edwin Edwards, ex-governor of Louisiana and current Federal convict
20:03:15hkhensonI know one who was killed.
20:03:20Hermit* Hermit notices that attacking another country to change their political system seems to be against International Law.
20:03:25hkhensonher name was debby french
20:03:25LuciferI guess my irc client dropped part of your line hkhenson
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