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2003-08-19 20:00:19 #virus from 2003-08-19 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:19Sat* Sat nods
20:00:37hkhensoncov seems to be partly in the business of promoting virtus
20:00:39SatI suggest sainthood is in order!
20:01:19hkhensonshe is not likely to accept anyway. :-)
20:01:29Satand wild sex parties disguised as 'AI conventions'
20:01:43JerryLeeooo conventions.....nice
20:01:53hkhensonshe has been a pope in the sub genious pantheon for . . . . a number of decades
20:02:06hkhensonhas one of RAW
20:02:16SatHail Bob!
20:02:19hkhensonRAW's very own be your own pope cards.
20:02:26Satthat one too
20:02:38LuciferOK, time for the weekly chat to begin
20:02:51LuciferThe topic is Disownment
20:03:03LuciferI trust you all did your homework? http://virus.lucifer.com/wiki/Disownment
20:03:21hkhensonis reading the mailing list close to the same?
20:03:30LuciferOK, I know one of you did
20:03:53hkhensonI think it got posted. I skimmed it anyway.
20:03:58LuciferNo, but since the homework was assigned quite recently it isn't required
20:04:18prometheusI read it over.
20:04:26hkhensonI was amused by the quaker references
20:04:54hkhensonsince I just happened to run into some of their history recently
20:05:13LuciferThere was some urgency to getting a rule passed this week
20:05:31hkhensonmy wife works in a museum that used to be a quaker meeting house.
20:05:46prometheusWhy the urgency?
20:06:14LuciferThis morning two CoV members were sentenced to be Silenced for one week
20:06:33Lucifer(banned from all CoV fora)
20:06:37hkhensonpro, even though cov is not really a physical tribe, it has the same problems
20:06:43hkhensondisruptive people.
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