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2003-07-22 20:00:04 #virus from 2003-07-22 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:06LuciferOK, official chat begins now
20:00:12LuciferWhat is postmodernism?
20:00:24LuciferDoes it have anything significant to say?
20:00:28Fluxits a memeplex isnt it?
20:00:36xulFa lame word that acedemic types bandy about to try to appear smart
20:00:42LuciferOr can it be dismissed with little effort?
20:00:58LuciferWhose side are we on? Whose side is it on?
20:01:16simdizzy "The central characteristic of Modernism is its rejection of tradition" - didnt you mean postmodernism here flux?
20:01:18xulFit has yet to be defined in any coherant way, and it thus easily dismissed.
20:01:18LuciferIs it a threat or something we should embrace?
20:01:35hkhensonI would say neither
20:01:38FluxI think were postmodern, but I think the Brights and the Agnostic church may be better
20:01:48Fluxsimdizzy, I was quoting wikipedia
20:01:50hkhensonmostly a buzz word for fluffy heads
20:01:56LuciferGood question, Flux, are we already postmodern?
20:02:03xulFright you are hkhenson
20:02:06hkhensonbeyond post modern :-)
20:02:09Fluxhe he
20:02:21Luciferor is it, as some might suggest, mostly a buzz word for fluffy heads?
20:02:22xulFwe are postpostmodern, man'
20:02:30hkhensonpsychologically we are on the other side of the singularity

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20:02:51Sat-anI think not hkhenson
20:02:51hkhensonyearning for the future and not the past :-)
20:02:53Luciferother side, hkhenson?
20:02:58FluxI think it would be more postmodern if werent like 'atheist' but more agnostic, or some similar vibe
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