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2003-07-08 20:00:26 #virus from 2003-07-08 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:26Shadowwell, beyond that, the chances for contact of any kind become pretty remote.
20:00:37LuciferTime to begin
20:00:51LuciferThe topic is The possibility of extra-terrestrial life and intelligence. :: Tonight 9pm CST, 10pm EST (Shadow's helpful link - Drake's equation + calculator at http://kosmoi.com/Space/SETI/)
20:01:04Shadoweven outside of our galaxy, and within local group, we could probably at most hope only for some tenuous communication.
20:01:46LuciferThere are about 100 billion stars in our galaxy
20:01:50Shadowunless we find a way around speed of light limits.
20:01:59LuciferThere are about 100 billion galaxies in the known universe

Lassitude is now known as Mermaid

20:02:41LuciferWhat is the plausability that Earth has the only life, intelligence or civilization?
20:03:16LuciferWhat does it mean if we are alone? What does it mean if we are not alone? Both possibilities are profound.
20:03:58LuciferFirst, can we all agree that there is no evidence of ETs?
20:04:21Shadow* Shadow thinks that looking at local group galaxies may mostly prove useful for discovering searching parameters to use within our own galaxy. I think by the time we discovered extra-galactic intelligence, it would be too late to contact them assuming that L (in Drake's equation) is anything much less that 100,000
20:04:28goombaask my friend Zorblak

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].116-81-202-209.hyperlinx.net) has joined #virus

20:04:46LuciferFashionably late, as usual Ophis
20:04:55ShadowI would agree, we haven't found any ET's
20:04:55OphisWell of course
20:05:12Kid-hmmmugh sleep

Kid-hmmm (Kid-A@[death to spam]. has left #virus

20:05:15prometheusYes. No current evidence.
20:05:38LuciferSo we are on thin ice here, extrapolating from a single instance
20:06:08OphisWhat sample is that?
20:06:21Shadowperhaps, Lucifer, but the speed with which life arose here suggests that chances are good that life elsewhere exists, even if it isn't intelligent.
20:06:26OphisOh! I thought you were talking about an ET sample!
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