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2003-07-01 20:00:06 #virus from 2003-07-01 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:06LuciferOK, time to begin?
20:00:10Sat-anRE: topic - It's all Mermaid's fault. She always disagrees
20:00:27LuciferTonight's topic is Why can't rational people agree on anything?
20:00:48LuciferI'm exaggerating, of course, but sometimes it seems like it
20:01:25Sat-anwell some of it is not disagreement so much as misunderstanding. For Example your dragon collection.
20:01:58LuciferMy dragon collection?
20:02:08Sat-anon the other hand one can be perfectly rational from the basis of one's assumptions.
20:02:25Sat-anYour example of dragons not existing in the objective universe
20:02:30Mermaidfirst we have to ask if rationality implies that everyone will ultimately come to the same conclusion
20:02:40LuciferWell one of the problems is we are all starting from different assumptions
20:02:48Mermaidand secondly if coming to the same conclusion will translate as the same action...
20:02:54Sat-an* Sat-an gives Lucifer a shiny trinket
20:03:39LuciferWe can't assume that rationality will give everyone the same preferences
20:03:39Sat-anI wonder if our assumptions are irrational: they are leaps of faith.
20:04:13LuciferBut to the extent that we share experiences shouldn't rational people converge on explanations at least?
20:04:24Sat-anOne would hope so.
20:04:43LuciferIs it possible that irrational people find it easier to agree with each other?
20:04:54rhinohey Lucifer
20:04:59rhinothe chat started, i see
20:05:12Sat-anEgo tends to interfere a bit though. Folks tend to spend a lot of time defending thier favorite theories instead of honestly looking for the truth.
20:05:19LuciferI was thinking that might be the case because if the other irrational person says something vaguely similar they leap to the conclusion that they agree

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].116-81-202-209.hyperlinx.net) has joined #virus

20:05:32Luciferhey rhino, jump on in, Ophis too
20:05:33Mermaidhey Ophis
20:05:41OphisHello People
20:05:47rhinotwo questions: first, does everyone have the same concept of rationality
20:06:02goombai dont even have one concept of rationality :P
20:06:05Luciferrhino, no I think obviously not
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