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2003-06-24 20:00:10 #virus from 2003-06-24 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:10Mermaid10.00...is there a topic or can i rant?
20:00:20LuciferWe should pick a topic
20:00:29LuciferHow about sex differences?
20:00:36rhinomaybe your rant will give us a tiopic
20:01:10Mermaidyea..the sexes are different indeed

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Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "Sex differences"

20:01:52Mermaidi remember reading in the mating mind about sex differences and words
20:02:05LuciferWill the sexes ever be "equal"?
20:02:33rhinomaybe if you define a metric
20:02:36Mermaidapparently women are able to 'understand' language better than men..altho' most books are authored by men...women buy more books than men and read more than men
20:02:44Mermaidno..they are not equal in any sense..
20:03:03Mermaidits all quite futile..we need a third sex
20:03:10LuciferWhat would it take to make them equal (setting aside probability that it will happen)?
20:03:26Mermaidbut first..why do you want to make men and women equal?
20:03:44LuciferSome people demand equality
20:04:08rhinowhat is the equality metric?
20:04:09Mermaidok..rhino is right...define equality
20:04:28LuciferApparently women can vote now. Isn't that progress?
20:05:04Mermaid* Mermaid thinks most women in 'first world' countries are weaker/less equal than women in 'third world' countries
20:05:05LuciferHow about equal pay for equal work?
20:05:12Mermaidand most women there dont give a fuck about voting
20:05:20LuciferHow about equal representation in high profile careers?
20:05:32Mermaidequal pay for equal work is valid
20:05:55LuciferDid you see the article recently about a glass ceiling in Everquest?
20:06:00Mermaiduh huh...high profile careers..i am not sure if men and women are equally endowed with the same skill sets

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20:06:28Mermaidhey Shadow
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