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2003-06-17 20:00:13 #virus from 2003-06-17 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:13HermitLucifer, correct
20:00:57HermitSat it implies the possibility - outrageous as it may be :-)
20:00:58LuciferSo where do we disagree?
20:01:02JerryLeewe have a schedule?
20:01:05JerryLeesince when?
20:01:14LuciferEvery tues at this time.
20:01:17HermitEvery Tuesday for months
20:01:22LuciferSince Jan.
20:01:23Sat-AnI do not know lucifer. I figure your just stuck in debate mode.
20:01:38JerryLeeah the debating society
20:01:44JerryLeeoh gloriuos debate
20:01:52JerryLeethe art of rhetor
20:01:52LuciferNo, I am not debating for the sake of debating
20:02:02Sat-AnLucifer is a master debater.
20:02:05LuciferI'm actually consider quitting this discussion
20:02:05Reading|Manifesto* Reading|Manifesto coughs *AXIOM 3* cough.
20:02:26Sat-Anok spit out your point then.
20:02:31Hermit* Hermit raises an eyebrow
20:02:32LuciferI did
20:02:40Reading|ManifestoWell said.
20:02:43Reading|ManifestoPlato would be proud.
20:03:00LuciferIdeas of X do not imply the existence of X
20:03:12LuciferThe universe does not contain imaginary things
20:03:13Reading|ManifestoAxiom 3.
20:03:16Shadowhmmmm, ok, obviously we are talking about some sort of justificationalist type epistemology if we are going over axioms. Or so my experience with those kinds of discussions go.
20:03:20LuciferThe universe does contain ideas of imaginary things
20:03:26Sat-Anthe objective universe does not.
20:03:44Sat-Anthe first thing you said
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