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2003-06-10 20:00:11 #virus from 2003-06-10 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:11LuciferThe topic tonight is the status of memetics as a science
20:00:11JerryLeei'd say the state of memetics is idaho
20:00:17hermitlr - the more we learn about genetics and neurology, the more we discover that psychology is purely mythical..
20:00:43LuciferWill memetics supercede sociology as we know it?
20:00:47Satis memetics a science or just a model?
20:00:47OphisDoes that invalidate memtics?
20:00:55hermit* hermit points to Rhino's excellent article tree in the FAQ
20:01:19hermitSat, I think it is simply a hypothesised model.
20:01:20Luciferor is it doomed to be a minor historical note such as diffusion sociology of the early 20th century?
20:02:04SatI tend to agree Hermit. What praxis is there for memetics? Any good applications?
20:02:19hermitOphis: It would not invalidate it, because I don't see anything which would invalidate it (another reason I don't think it is a science (yet?))
20:02:23localrogerI think there is a middle ground here; it's not as fundamental and obvious as genetics, but there's too much to it for it to be marginalized in the long run.
20:02:46JerryLeeSat i would go along with hermits statement about science being quantifiable and measurable
20:02:50Luciferrhino's faq>> http://virus.lucifer.com/bbs/index.php?board=31;action=display;threadid=28393
20:03:11localrogerJust because you can't measure something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
20:03:19hermitIt is a useful way of considering the distribution of messages and "competition" for hosts.
20:03:23localrogerIt may just mean you haven't found the right ruler yet.

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20:03:37hermitHi rhino
20:03:51rhinohey hermit
20:03:59JerryLeebut how would one approach memetics using the scinetific method localroger?
20:04:12SatLucifer, whats your take on the state of memetics?
20:04:27LuciferMemetics would have to explain extent phenomena better than competing models
20:04:34localrogerThere are a whole class of things -- "Ideas," "hopes," "dreams" which a generation of psychologists tried to define away because they couldn't be measured, but any moron knows are real things that exist and are important.
20:04:56Lukianhey rhino :)
20:05:06LuciferAccording to the conclusions of Darwinizing Culture the science of memetics is far from established
20:05:13rhinohey lukian
20:05:21rhinoi see kalkor is here
20:05:27hermitlocalroger, when the subject is as intangible as thought infection, I'm not sue a ruler is the answer. Perhaps some statistical method - but serious research would need active intervention - which might introduce messy ethical issues into an already complex environment.
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