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2003-06-03 20:00:20 #virus from 2003-06-03 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:20LuciferIt is very cool to get insided Hayek's mind
20:01:04Fluxcrap! did I miss a preview of the matrix 3?
20:01:07LuciferTime for the chat?
20:01:17OphisThe Fatal Conceit is (I think) the last book he wrote so it might be a little more mature than the Road to Serfdom. But "the road" has a great reputation so I figured I couldn't go wrong.
20:01:30OphisFlux: Yes, at the end of the generic.
20:01:53LuciferBuilding a self-sufficient church community
20:02:08Fluxrite, which brings us to funding?
20:02:17Satwhat is meant by that? buy land in montana and make a compound?
20:02:37Fluxgo ahead Sat, try it if u like :)
20:02:43Satno thnx
20:03:04Fluxoh Sat, thats ur fun :P
20:03:06OphisI think Lucifer wants us to pledge 15% of our income to the CoV
20:03:15Flux*sat, ur no fun
20:03:15SatI'll keep my 15 wives and other followers here in Colorado.
20:03:37Fluxhe he
20:03:54Kid-Ayou can have 15% of my income Lucifer
20:03:57LuciferNo Ophis... only 10%
20:04:03Satthe Temple of Insemenation
20:04:04HermitJust as long as it is not in Waco, Tx (appropriately named) or Jonestown :-)
20:04:05FluxI actually wudnt mind doing that so long as I was sustainable, I probably wud b
20:04:21Flux10% of just a few ppl wud do it easily...
20:04:37Fluxdont u need just $60 / month Lucifer?
20:04:39OphisSo, who can clarify what is meant by self-sufficient?
20:04:56LuciferOnly the Shadow knows
20:05:02Satwell what's sufficient?
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