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2003-05-27 20:00:03 #virus from 2003-05-27 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:03Tywickhey shadow and rhino
20:00:35Tywickrhino I was wondering what convo you were refering to about my tat at the virian gathering
20:00:48rhinothe pictures
20:01:02rhinolucifer posted a link to some pictures
20:01:04Tywickwhere are the pics at?
20:01:10rhinoone of them featured your tatoo
20:01:16Tywick* Tywick tried to find them on the BBS
20:01:55Shadowokay. ITS TIME.
20:02:15ShadowI don't know how much I can do on this topic, but I do have a first thought.
20:02:35ShadowWhy doesn't the matrix hypothesis violate Occams razor?

Sat (~santyr@[death to spam].1Cust178.tnt1.steamboat-springs.co.da.uu.net) has joined #virus


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20:02:51rhinohey Sat
20:03:00Sathi rhino
20:03:06Tywickerg part of my name is hiding in my pants
20:03:16Sat* Sat grins
20:03:26rhinowell, Bostrom in this article uses somehow Fermi's Paradox in favor of the Matrix hypothesis
20:03:45TywickI think Lady Z's tat is better than mine
20:04:12TywickI plan on improving mine once I have $$$
20:04:26rhinopasting Bostrom's argument
20:04:27rhinowe should accept as true at least one of the following three propositions:
20:04:27rhino(1) The chances that a species at our current level of development can avoid going extinct before becoming technologically mature is negligibly small
20:04:27rhino(2) Almost no technologically mature civilisations are interested in running computer simulations of minds like ours
20:04:27rhino(3) You are almost certainly in a simulation.
20:04:29rhinoEach of these three propositions may be prima facie implausible; yet, if the simulation argument is correct, at least one is true (it does not tell us which).
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