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2003-05-13 20:00:18 #virus from 2003-05-13 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:18localrogerWW capture-bonding === Stockholm Syndrome

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20:00:35LuciferKeith, come baaaack
20:00:46hkh2mirc crashed

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20:00:57WWit's 9pm CST

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20:01:21hkhensonthis window works faster
20:01:32LuciferOK, for the next hour (at least) the topic is Evolutionary Psychology... welcome all
20:01:54WWthanks, Lucy!
20:02:08LuciferPlease keep on topic for the duration, otherwise expect a private msg from me
20:02:14Mermaidevolutionary psychology..is it a science or pseudo science
20:02:20jubungalordthat in the last couple hundred thousand years it is the memes that determine evolution from primitive apes till now.
20:02:30WWI like private msg's from the devil!!!!
20:02:40hkhensonwant me to paste some stuff on this subject?
20:02:51localrogersome of us read up, hkh
20:02:51hkhensonunpublished draft
20:02:59hkhensonPrivation as a particular memetic replication control mechanism (Draft)
20:02:59hkhensonIn "Sex, Drugs and Cults" published in Human Nature Review, I examined two evolved human psychological mechanisms: drug-like attention rewards and capture-bonding, better known as the Stockholm Syndrome.
20:02:59hkhensonHere I propose a third and somewhat more speculative psychological mechanism, one that indirectly causes wars.
20:03:07WWHi, Mermaid, dearest
20:03:36hkhensonThe analysis starts from the observed facts. Animals (and other replicators) strongly trend to populate an environment to the limit of its carrying capacity (and beyond) and the carrying capacity drops from time to time due to climate changes and other factors.
20:04:06hkhensonIn the world of tribes and small villages where humans evolved, food shortages (and impending shortages) often led to attacks on neighboring tribes. Intermittent warfare was the situation of virtually all humans in the tribal era. We find this odd today
20:04:27hkhensonbecause low (or negative) population growth for the past two or three generations combined with economic growth has kept chronic widespread economic hardship at bay in the industrial states for such a long time that we are hardly aware of its effects.

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20:05:00hkhensonskiping section on capture bonding example
20:05:26hkhensonOver population combined with downturns in ecosystem productivity were a feature of life every few generations. I doubt very many people got through a life in those times without some kind of resource crisis. The more we look at past climate, the more unstable it looks.
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