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2003-05-06 20:00:37 #virus from 2003-05-06 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:37Mermaideveryday we have to negotiate and bargain and try to make people 'see' our pov..there are thousands of us who want things to work *our* way..

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].116-81-202-209.hyperlinx.net) has joined #virus

20:00:58LuciferHow to win friends and influence people?
20:01:06Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes Ophis
20:01:09rhinohey Ophis
20:01:14Mermaidthat would sound cliched..but yea..that
20:01:14OphisHello everyone.
20:01:16Mermaidhey Ophis
20:01:40OphisSo what's our topic this week?
20:01:55MermaidHow to win friends and influence people?

Mode change [+o Lucifer] on #virus by ChanServ

20:02:03localrogerIt has been waaaaaay overdone in the motivation-self-help genre but NLP has some pretty solid ideas in this regard, Mermaid.

Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "How to win friends and influence people"

20:02:28Lucifer* Lucifer is pretty skeptical of NLP
20:02:31OphisAre the two parts of the question necessarely related?
20:02:32localroger"Neuro-Linguistic Programming." It's overblown but has some truth at the core.
20:02:50LuciferThe topic is a reference to a Dale Carnegie book
20:02:50Mermaidgoogle: neuro linguistic programming
20:02:55localrogerYes Ophis, I think they're very closely related.
20:02:55googlebotgoogling for neuro linguistic programming
20:03:13localrogerMight be best to generalize
20:03:29OphisPlease localroger, give us an overview.
20:03:45Mermaidso how do you influence people?
20:03:45localrogerFirst, people have a few basic modes of interaction. You need to know how the person you're trying to influence views the world.
20:04:26localrogerIn NLP terms, there are "sensory modalities." Are you primarily influenced by touch, sound, vision, or taste? This affects your entire personality and also the approach someone would most effectively use to schmooze you.
20:05:17localrogerThere are a lot of details in the NLP theory with varying degrees of merit, but I've found the idea of "modeling" very instructive
20:05:42Ophisinteresting... I'll have to scan my sensory modalities to see if I have open ports I didn't know about... :-)
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