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2003-04-22 19:00:11 #virus from 2003-04-22 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
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19:00:38LuciferTime to begin
19:01:01LuciferThe topic is "What is truth?"
19:01:22Resontethat's you in the red coat http://www.dynamicwebspace.com/peachfront/sfgroup.jpg wow looks a bit liek me :)
19:01:25LuciferWhat kinds of things can be true?
19:01:39LuciferHow do we know what is true?
19:01:49LuciferAre there things that are true that we can never know?
19:02:03Satis there such a thing as truth?
19:02:04LuciferAre there different varieties of truth?
19:02:17LuciferIs truth a human concept?
19:02:25LuciferIs it specific to different cultures?
19:02:48LuciferWho knows the truth about truth?
19:03:03SatIs it Absolute or relative?
19:03:13LuciferAny idealists in the crowd today? Any empiricists or pragmatists?
19:03:15Sata linguistic construct?
19:03:40LuciferOK, let's open it up
19:03:57localrogerTruth defines a relationship between statements we make about the world and the world itself; it's complicated because each of us experiences the world in a personal way
19:04:15LuciferComplicated, but not insurmountable
19:04:24LuciferAssuming we live in the same world, that is
19:04:40SatI'll simply say this and then shut up: truth is subjective.
19:04:58localrogerYou can chase it so far down the epistemological rabbit hole that you end up making ridiculous conjectures about faerie structures, but that's not what any real person means when we use the word "truth"
19:05:28LuciferDon't people use the word in different ways?
19:05:31localrogerI'd say that each of us has in our head a model of how the world works based on our experience. When a statement conforms to our model we consider it true.
19:05:52LuciferAgreed, that is the "coherence theory" of truth
19:05:56localrogerThere is a big grounding problem. Words only mean things through relationships which are also personal.
19:06:22LuciferBut the coherence theory is at odds with what you mentioned above about corresponding to the world in some way
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