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2003-04-15 20:00:07 #virus from 2003-04-15 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07Sat* Sat eats some beans
20:00:16LuciferToday's topic is Apathy and Passion
20:00:33rhinooh, it is time already
20:00:38LuciferHow can we control our motivations?
20:00:53LuciferWhat strategies are best to achieve what we want?
20:00:57Satprayer, Lucifer, and flagellation.

JerryLee (NoOne@[death to spam].CPE-65-26-67-45.kc.rr.com) has quit IRC [Quit: Religion should be taught only as part of our cultural history, for its impact there is undeniable, but it should be presented only as a quaint way of disguising ignorance, propagating wishful thinking, and exercising power over the ignorant and weak]

20:01:32SatI think it is important to start small with self change.
20:01:50SatOne must pick easy goals as training wheels.
20:01:55LuciferThat might be the best place to start
20:02:10LuciferAfter all, if you can't change yourself, how can you expect to change anything else?
20:02:22Lucifer(I'm afraid that sounds too much like a newage aphorism)
20:02:31Satyes and if you can't change little things about yourself your doomed
20:02:44LuciferBut seriously, that is exactly what this discussion is about, How to change yourself
20:03:10rhinoand why?
20:03:14LuciferSay I have great aspirations, but I can't seem to get motivated to start
20:03:23Satstarting small has been my praxis.
20:03:31LuciferI've heard that each journey starts with a single step, but that isn't helping
20:03:50Satnow I am onto medium challenges. ie crushing adictions
20:03:53Luciferrhino, good addition
20:04:39rhinoso, what is our problem here...
20:04:41LuciferHas anyone read the Greg Egan stories where the characters can choose their motivation as easily as turning a dial?

santyr_ (~santyr@[death to spam].1Cust148.tnt2.steamboat-springs.co.da.uu.net) has joined #virus

20:05:07santyr_con dropped
20:05:21rhinocan we clarify the difference between aspirations and motivations?
20:05:41santyr_aspirations are conscious?
20:05:55santyr_motivation can be unconscious?
20:06:01LuciferAspirations are high level goals
20:06:17rhinois that that i want to do something but i can't get myself to work on it?
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