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2003-04-08 20:00:28 #virus from 2003-04-08 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:28LuciferOK, time to begin
20:00:38LuciferThe transparent society is upon us
20:00:55LuciferSoon there will exist the technology to monitor anything of interest going on anywhere
20:01:31LuciferUbiquitous cameras recording every action for anonymous viewers to scrutinize and judge
20:01:50LuciferDoes this future give you joy or dread?
20:01:55rhinoapparently that will happen, at least for monitoring a chosen target
20:02:04LuciferIs in really inevitable?
20:02:09Sata mixture of both
20:02:10LuciferIs it desirable?
20:02:13localrogerIt's inevitable.
20:02:54localrogerWhile Brin portrays it as an equalizing thing I tend to think the State will always have the technological edge.
20:03:02SatI do as well.
20:03:13rhinowhat i am not sure that is inevitable is monitoring everything without having targeted on that
20:03:17Sat"National Security' and all that
20:03:22localrogerHe also treats only very shallowly the ease with which records can be faked and altered.
20:03:55LuciferHere's another fictional account, putting surveillance in a positive light>> http://www.e-sheep.com/spiders/
20:04:10localrogerPowerful entities will always be able to claim that li'l guy's recordings were faked, while believable faking technology will always be more accessible to governments.
20:04:38localrogerI saw spiders more as a "distributed computing hearts-and-minds war."
20:04:51LuciferThe ability to alter recordings is a huge factor here
20:05:41LuciferWhat if recordings could be verified cryptographically?
20:05:56localrogerHow do you key sign a recording you don't know is being made?
20:06:00LuciferSort of in the same way that you can verify integrity of a text message with pgp?
20:06:41rhinoalso, the ability to act on a crime will be limited by the percentage of people that can prosecuted. that will have an effect on law and morals
20:06:42Luciferroger, you don't but the recording agent does (hypothetically)
20:07:26localrogerSay someone takes my picture in doing some ordinary activity. In the transparent society, these images will be common as pollen grains. Then they transpose it into an illegal context, using advanced editing technology not available to me.

Deltree (Deltree_@[death to spam].HSE-Montreal-ppp3472232.sympatico.ca) has left #virus

20:07:45localrogerI'm left sputtering "but it's not true" as I'm led off to prison.
20:08:03LuciferKind of like Blair Witch 2?
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