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2003-04-01 20:00:38 #virus from 2003-04-01 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:38LuciferOK, time to start up the chat (again)
20:00:46LuciferWhat is the Supergoal?
20:01:02Mermaiddefine supergoal
20:01:03LuciferWe're talking about both personal ones and the CoV supergoal because they are related
20:01:29LuciferSupergoals are the reasons that we pursue subgoals.
20:01:37LuciferSubgoals are the means of achieving supergoals.
20:02:06LuciferTogether they form a hierarchy of goals with a single Supergoal at the top
20:02:23LuciferThe Supergoal is the ultimate reason for pursuing anything under it
20:02:46Mermaidyou go first
20:03:08LuciferI've already gone first a couple time
20:03:24rhinoit all sounds very abstract...
20:03:56Luciferrhino, I'm not sure what you mean
20:04:18rhinoi did find an easy one. makeing sense of everything.
20:04:29rhinobut i am not sure i took everything into account
20:04:32LuciferRight, that's a good one
20:05:19LuciferYou know the annoying kids game of Why?
20:05:22Mermaidi am afraid i have no supergoal
20:05:33Mermaidasking WHY is never a bad thing!!
20:05:59LuciferIn the annoying kids game version, you keep asking Why? whenever you get an answer.
20:06:30LuciferStart with why you got up this morning.
20:06:41rhinowe don't seem to get a lot of attention
20:06:43LuciferWhen you answer that, ask why again, etc.
20:07:33Mermaidand at the end of it, you'll get your supergoal?
20:07:41LuciferWhen you can't answer any more, when the reason you give is good just for its own sake, and not a means to something else, then you have a supergoal.
20:08:22Mermaidso supergoals keep changing?
20:08:39LuciferThey can, but that's not necessarily a good thing.
20:09:02Mermaidare supergoals supposed to be unachievable?
20:09:10LuciferIt could mean that you haven't really thought about it enough to define your own goals.
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