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News: Do you want to know where you stand?

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2003-03-18 20:00:01 #virus from 2003-03-18 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:01WWgodamnit, where is Jake?????---I'll call him NOW!!!!!!!!!
20:00:14OphisGo get him!
20:00:27OphisHe might be petting Finnegan on the Moo
20:01:02LuciferOK, official chat begins now
20:01:11LuciferWhat is wrong with this world?
20:01:14Ophis* Ophis stand to attention
20:01:21Lucifer(if anything)
20:01:23rhinook, what is wrong with the world?
20:01:29LuciferAny panglossians in the room?
20:01:29Satnothing it is going fine. (heh)
20:01:40rhinoquestion: for whom?
20:01:56LuciferFair question
20:02:07rhinofor us?
20:02:11rhinofor INTPs?
20:02:26SatIs world synonymous with ideosphere?
20:02:28LuciferFor your tribe
20:03:04rhinoideosphere? i think it is not
20:03:09LuciferI think "world" is more inclusive than the world of ideas
20:03:29rhinosome people would say it is lack of water
20:03:34rhinobut not us
20:03:56SatWorld is based on two old norse words: were (man) old (age) it basicaly means age of man.

Mode change [+o hermit] on #virus by ChanServ

20:04:18Lukian* Lukian wonders who changed the topic
20:04:19rhinowe would try to find out something unversal, if there is such a thing
20:04:19hermitHi all.
20:04:28OphisI say most ofwhat is wrong with the world is a lack of respect for private property (including one's self as being the most basic property one owns)
20:04:35hermitFrom Earlier: hermit suggests a little list. A surfeit of isms, particularly rabid UTism, aggression and beliefs. General lack of basic education. Impoliteness. Disproportionate rates of improvement between our creations and ourselves. Water availablity. Power availablility. Inequity of distribution. Genetic baggage, prions, virii and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Aforegoing in no particular order. Anything important left out?
20:05:06SatI can sum it up in onme word: monothiesm
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