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2003-02-25 20:00:12 #virus from 2003-02-25 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:12ShadowSo its time. Who wants to grab the football first?
20:00:18WWIf this chat is becoming something I have to study for........ ;-'>
20:00:31ShadowYEs, we had two links as teasers.
20:00:58Shadowand http://www.users.bigpond.com/pmurray/exchristian/Stories/0110.html
20:01:11Shadowbut no specific topic decided yet.
20:02:00Shadowrhino and I carried on about the Singer link on Sunday.
20:02:02LuciferThe Peter Singer link basically argues that reason + empathy + vision inevitably leads to a social activist perspective
20:02:12Eliezercan't argue with that

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20:02:38Eliezerit's just that Singer doesn't have quite *enough* reason to see what he should be an activist about
20:02:41rhinohe talks about a universal view though
20:03:12Luciferrhino, yes, I take that to mean vision taken to an extreme
20:03:20Lucifervision and empathy
20:03:43rhinoand he tries to estabish a metric. "suffering"
20:03:56ShadowA universalist PoV as opposed to the individualist PoV?
20:03:57Eliezerright, like the inverse of fun
20:04:11rhinoa iniversal view... i am not sure
20:04:23WWnothin wrong with that---The Peter Singer link basically argues that reason + empathy + vision inevitably leads to a social activist perspective
20:04:23WW<Eliezer> can't argue with that
20:04:52LuciferWW, I guess it might be disturbing to the libertarians in the crowd, extropians included
20:05:03ShadowWhat about his criteria of pain, does that lead us to become animal rights activists?
20:05:16WWIt's what keeps WW from RUNNING to the right!!!!!!!
20:05:35Shadowvegetarians and so forth.
20:06:25staphxI guess I just don't see why libertarianism *has* to be exclusive of things like social activism...
20:06:35EliezerI'm willing to tolerate a meat-eating general intelligence if it gets us to the Singularity
20:07:06WWI'm not sure what the topic is,folks, but we're fixing to start bombing!!!!
20:07:07WWWalter Watts of the Royal Society of Bombing Brown People Under Dubious Circumstances Present....
20:07:28ShadowEliezer, what about for yourself? Are you vegetarian or would consider it on grounds of empathy?
20:07:30Eliezer* Eliezer raises his Sigil of Protection Against Iraq Discussion
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