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2003-02-23 07:02:48 #virus from 2003-02-23 07::00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

Tris (Tris@[death to spam].dial81-131-3-75.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has quit IRC [Ping timeout]


Shadow (~jkr438@[death to spam].ACA354E8.ipt.aol.com) has joined #virus

07:05:32rhinohey shadow
07:05:41Shadowgood morning!
07:06:03Shadowanyone else here?
07:06:22rhinoyou are up early
07:06:28Shadowhmmmm. Usually Flux is here.
07:06:44rhinodidn't see him yesterday either
07:07:03rhinomaybe he took a weekend off
07:07:24ShadowI guess.
07:07:43Fosiliar rhino

Fosi is now known as Lukian

07:07:55ShadowWelcome Lukian.
07:08:02rhinoheh Lukian is no Flux
07:08:15rhinoFlux is one of a kind
07:08:19Lukianer how long till the chat?
07:08:32ShadowThis is supposed to be it!
07:08:37Lukiani wasn't flux
07:08:39Lukianoh okay
07:08:46Lukianwell midnight is a shocking time
07:08:47rhinochat? i think it has already started
07:09:47Lukian* Lukian pooders the meaning of sleep
07:09:55ShadowI read Peter Singer's "Animal Liberation" when I was about 20. At the time it inspired me to become vegetarian
07:09:56Lukianis this happening or not? :)
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