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2003-02-09 07:01:40 #virus from 2003-02-09 07::00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
07:01:40Fluxhi every1
07:01:58Fluxmost here 4 the chat I guess then :) ?
07:04:12Lukian|Gamingsecondary = suxor :)
07:05:00FluxN E 1 here??
07:06:13Lukian|GamingFlux, i told windows update to remind me about some updates tomorrow...
07:06:19Lukian|Gamingand at exactly midnight it did
07:07:02FluxLukian can u set the topic 2: "How can we compete?"
07:07:27FluxKalgone u here?

Lukian|Gaming has changed the topic on #virus to "How Can We Compete? | The Primary chat: Tues 21:00 CST | http://www.warp2search.net/article.php?sid=10513&mode=thread&order=0"


limbic (~limbic@[death to spam].host213-122-81-126.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #virus

07:09:02Flux"1: Thimo, 2 : Intrif, 3 : Riga n/a , 4 : Ebo, 5: Duetru, 6: Andura, 7: Erike, 8: Actral, 9: Mezzar, 10 : Scren, 11: Ufusmix (1 vote), 12: Incmud, 13: Destor, 14: Ehrox, 15: Splub (with 3 votes) , 16: Duxipro, 17: Fios, 18: Masele, 19: Splo"
07:09:12Fluxwhich name? (if any)
07:09:22FluxI like splub
07:09:37limbicI like Destor
07:09:45limbicHello all bye the way
07:10:04Fluxhi Limbic
07:10:13Fluxu here 4 the 2ndary chat then?
07:10:28Fluxi thought of the idea :)
07:10:37limbicTime to renew my association with lucifer IRC
07:10:42limbicGreat idea Flux
07:10:47Lukian|GamingFlux, clarify the topic? :)
07:10:49Fluxthanx, so which name do u think we shud hav?
07:11:03limbicSplub is fine
07:11:06Fluxwell first I thought we should start off by deciding on a name for our chat
07:11:13FluxSplub veryone?
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