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2003-01-28 20:00:01 #virus from 2003-01-28 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:01hermitNorth Korea poses a threat. Gotta Kill Saddam.
20:00:04WWA-Fucking-Men, Hermit!!!!!
20:00:06BolverkerMy theoery on that is economy is tanked need cheep oil.
20:00:15hermitMedicaid is fucked. Gotta kill Saddam.
20:00:19LuciferHermitess, fine thanks

Shadow (~jkr438@[death to spam].AC9FA4E2.ipt.aol.com) has joined #virus

20:00:29hermitCan't find bin Ladin. Gotta Kill Saddam.
20:00:31Cliff economy is tanked, need WAR.
20:00:38JerryLeemedicaid has always been fucked
20:00:40LuciferShadow is here, we can start now
20:00:42ShadowHello, sorry I'm late.
20:00:42JerryLeeits a govt program
20:00:42hermitAnd this is going to go on for how many more years?
20:00:43Bolverkercheap oil
20:00:59Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes Shadow with a shiny bauble
20:01:10hermitHey Shadow.
20:01:12ZphobicThe neverending war.
20:01:13Adolf* Adolf sentances Shadow to death for being 45seconds late :)
20:01:19Shadow* Shadow plays with bauble
20:01:20JerryLee* JerryLee never gets any shiny baubles
20:01:21WWI've decided to look at it as a really dangerous WPA project!!!!!!
20:01:28LuciferOK, the weekly chat begins now... The topic is Irrationality
20:01:31CliffI say we legalize weed: get cheap hash oil *and* defeat the terrorists.
20:01:38BolverkerIf Swiss had the world's second largest oil reserve you bet they'd be getting invaded soon.
20:01:43LuciferWhat is it? Why is it? How do we deal with it?
20:01:49CliffNo it's not.

Shadow (~jkr438@[death to spam].AC9FA4E2.ipt.aol.com) has left #virus

20:01:57Bolverker* Bolverker cheers Cliff

Shadow (~jkr438@[death to spam].AC9FA4E2.ipt.aol.com) has joined #virus

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