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2003-01-21 20:00:05 #virus from 2003-01-21 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:05Lukianwb hermit :)
20:00:11Sat-anWait. This is too broad of an approach.
20:00:11rhinore Hermit
20:00:13LuciferOK, let's begin
20:00:15dreamingamoeba* dreamingamoeba dies
20:00:18LukianWelcome Back hermit
20:00:23hermitHey Lucifer

dreamingamoeba is now known as nrv8

20:00:27Lucifer* Lucifer extends a special wb to the hermit
20:00:38WWyes, wb Hermit!!!!!
20:00:50ShadowMoney merely provides a tradeable or fungible value.
20:00:51LuciferToday topic is real world applications of Virian ethics
20:00:52JerryLeehola Termite
20:00:52hermitWon't be for long. We are sitting in a freezing barn to use the computer...
20:01:05hermitHi JL (from Hermitess too
20:01:07Shadowhermit!!!!!!! Good to see you back in IRC.
20:01:22ZphobicHow long has hermit been gone?
20:01:22ShadowAnd of course posting again lately too.
20:01:31JerryLeeyou better keep that girl warm hermit
20:01:45WWAmen, JerryLee!!!!!
20:01:46LuciferFirst question: can and should a monetary value be assigned to (a) human life?
20:01:47hermitOh I do :-)
20:01:55hermitMany Lucifer
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