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News: Read the first edition of the Ideohazard

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2003-04-25 19:00:16 #vbc from 2003-04-25 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

rhino (rhino@[death to spam].vdp201.ath06.cas.hol.gr) has joined #vbc


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19:00:24FluxAFNPCwb Rhino
19:00:35rhinohey Flux
19:03:26rhinoi just finished reading the book
19:03:45KidA* KidA finished last night
19:05:18rhinodoes anyone want to say anything about the story?
19:05:59KidAi dont think anyone else has read it
19:08:51rhinoso, it is only Kid-A, Flux and I who read it?
19:09:23FluxAFNPCnot even me, sorry been busy, only heard of it 2 nite
19:09:38KidAoh dear
19:09:42rhinoah, ok
19:09:58KidAmaybe Lucifer has, somebody wake him up
19:10:09rhinoi think he said he would not be around

simdizzy (ja@[death to spam].host81-152-55-188.range81-152.btcentralplus.com) has joined #vbc

19:11:56KidAdid you read the story simdizzy?
19:12:26rhinowell, if someone shot you dead and a clone of you was restored from backup, would you be pissed off?
19:12:46KidAhell yes
19:13:03rhinobut you would be the clone. why would you mind
19:13:20FluxAFNPCu wudnt b the clone
19:13:23FluxAFNPCthe twin wud b
19:13:30FluxAFNPCu wudnt mind if ur dead tho :D
19:13:35rhinothe other one is dead. you are the restored clone now
19:13:49KidAits the principle surely
19:14:51rhinoyou don't even know about the shooting. you only heard about that
19:15:17KidAif someone has it in for you you'd naturally want to find out who and why, besides they might do it again

simdizzy (ja@[death to spam].host81-152-55-188.range81-152.btcentralplus.com) has left #vbc

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