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2003-04-18 19:00:18 #vbc from 2003-04-18 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

LuciferAFK is now known as Lucifer

19:00:25Lucifer* Lucifer bows
19:00:36rhinohey Lucifer
19:00:40Sat* Sat bows
19:00:52LuciferShall we wait for Mermaid or begin?
19:01:09Satyes she really enjoyed this reading
19:01:26LuciferWas she talking about it before?
19:01:42Satlast night she talked to me a bit about it
19:02:09rhinocan we discuss how we should do it
19:02:09LuciferThe article was very different from my normal fare
19:02:18LuciferSure rhino, what do you suggest?
19:02:52rhinonot sure, is there anyone who can sort out topics and bring them forth?
19:03:23rhinois it a no?
19:03:24LuciferI doubt any one here is in a better position to lead the discussion
19:04:08LuciferI would suggest that we analyze Paglia's argument though
19:04:36rhinoPaglia's argument?
19:04:53rhinois that from chapter 8 and further?
19:05:09LuciferYes, what was her conclusion? Did the article support the conclusion?
19:05:21LuciferI'm assuming it wasn't fiction.
19:05:47rhinonot fiction, but i am not sure it supported a conclusion either
19:06:26rhinoshe has something resembling a conclusion in chapter 10
19:06:37rhinobut it is rather an opinion
19:07:05rhinoshe says that we should seek the original forms of the eastern religious texts and teach them formally
19:07:34LuciferYes, because the 60s made a mess out of new spirituality
19:07:40rhinoso that sytudents can find the basic ethical issues in religions
19:08:24rhinoi am not sure if that was a mess or an adaptation to a different society
19:08:34Lucifer"There was a massive failure by American universities to
19:08:34Luciferaddress the spiritual cravings of the post-sixties period."
19:09:25LuciferDo you think she has a high opinion of 60s drug culture?
19:10:36rhinoi am not sure... i think not
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