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2003-04-04 19:00:01 #mopi from 2003-04-04 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
19:00:01LuciferLet someone else ask a question before you ask another
19:00:34LuciferOK, let's get started
19:01:04LuciferI reserve the right to introduce new rules at any time :)
19:01:16localroger* localroger is ready to go
19:01:22LuciferI'd like to thank localroger for joining us tonight
19:01:44localroger* localroger is honored
19:01:50Sat* Sat claps
19:01:55Flux* Flux claps
19:02:10LuciferHas anyone read the book?
19:02:27SatI did around a month ago.
19:02:29Lucifershow of hands?
19:02:35Flux* Flux has not read it all
19:02:43Mermaid* Mermaid shows a hand
19:02:47MRAmesyep, read and donated.
19:02:48ChrisRovner* ChrisRovner read the book
19:02:50Sat* Sat shows a foot
19:02:56rhino* rhino shows hand
19:03:03Eliezer* Eliezer shows someone else's hand
19:03:26Eliezer* Eliezer chuckles... actually...

Eliezer is now known as Tatya

19:03:32MRAmesThe story seems to come full circle, and as such, from an SL4 perspective, was dissapointing... I still thought it was an excellent tale. Did you delibertately architect the story this way because the future is unknowable, or for some other reason?
19:03:36Mermaidoh dear..Tatya is back
19:03:37Tatya* Tatya raises her hand
19:03:38Mermaidhey yed!
19:03:55yedhi mermaid :) long time no see.
19:04:06Mermaid* Mermaid bows
19:04:12yed* yed bows
19:04:16yedyou have forsaken sl4
19:04:28yedoh well
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