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  an email worth reading.
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an email worth reading.
« on: 2003-08-31 07:55:29 »
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from joedees@

Hermit has purposefully imported people who will follow his lead in
voting his will and desires, and is now using that mechanism to
bludgeon the list into the ideological/political/memetic shape which he
has long envisioned.  He also utilized an old and tried-and-true
mechanism in order to convict me of list flooding; that is, multiple
attacks (in which you, beknownst or not, co-operated).  When a person
(such as myself) refuses to allow their silence to be mistaken for assent,
that person can be accused of flooding a list if they simply answer all
the attacks directed at them by multiple aggressors, each of which only
accumulates a portion of the posts accredited to the defender.  Six
attackers, each posting six emails, require thirty-six responses from
their common target; thus none of them can be accused of list flooding,
while their target, who did nothing but respond to emails directed
his/her way, gets tagged with a 36-post list flooding charge.  Either
David is stupid and doesn't understand these dynamics and was taken
in by them, or he is malevolent, and used them as an excues to silence
me.  There is no third alternative available between the horns of this
logical either/or dilemma.
   I, the Virion Cassandra, warned you and prophesied to you
(although I take no pleasure in being right) that this would happen, and
now it is happening before your very eyes.  Now that he feels secure in
the opinion that he can dominate it, having abused the previously
described device in order to silence his most academically credible
adversary, he wishes to retrieve political commentary  from its out-of-
bounds status so that he may pursue his original intention of morphing
this list into an ideologically pure one-note Indymedia-type leftist
mouthpiece memetically enthralled tool.  And you have aided and
abetted him in the pursuit of that list-principle-betraying, and ultimately
destroying, partisan goal.  I hope that you are proud of yourself; I am
most certainly far from proud of you.  In fact, I am ashamed - but not of
myself.  I grieve to see such a nobly conceived enterprise being brought
so low, and with the enabling co-operation of people of whom I once
thought better of than that.


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