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« on: 2005-04-17 13:20:27 »
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Again, i didn't know where to post this.  A general topic might be more appropriate.  Art has evolved and changed through the ages as surely as literature or maybe even technology has.  The eventual and consistent widening of horizons and possibilities brought to a climax with Duchamp is a memetics goldmine of information for study.  This topic would have spaces for posts about which works meant something to someone and why, how imitation and styles have spread throughout populations, and art's role for humans.

I'll start this off with a few masterpieces.  First Michaelangelo's Moses is a beautiful example of sculpture.  Detailed and anatomically correct, yet inspiringly creative there is no question that it is a masterpiece.  Yet why must the subject be religious, it spoils a lot of good art for me.  More so because this piece has horns due to a mistranslation!  Even genius can be wasted or misguided. 

Vincent Vangogh went through a time when he painted a great many self portraits.  Nearly 30 in two years.  Self portraits were unheard of before a particular time in the history art, and that's a meme that would be fun to track.  The reason i focus on Vangogh's self portraits is that they happened all at one time.  I liken this to a meme taking over someone and really overtaking them.  He didn't even paint a portrait of his brother Theo during this time, indeed ever.  I'm certain this is no narcissism, but rather a self-inquiry, which painting gave voice to.
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