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  'The Day After Tomorrow' watch
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David Lucifer

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'The Day After Tomorrow' watch
« on: 2004-05-29 09:37:33 »
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Source: OregonLive.com

Excerpted from news services:
"Ridicule, if you like, 'The Day After Tomorrow,' the doomsday flick about climate change. Scoff at the improbability of a change so abrupt that New York turns from sweltering to frigid in the course of a single ferocious storm, while the tropics become unbearably hot. The movie, which opened in theaters Friday, may be a dud as a documentary. But if it encourages people to be aware of climate change -- especially the MTV generation, which will have to live with the phenomenon the longest -- then it will be all to the good."

-- editorial, The Dallas Morning News

"Producers of 'The Day After Tomorrow' defend the 'science' in their movie by arguing that it is based on a U.S. Department of Defense study, as though the Pentagon boys have never produced a goofy report. . . . The planet's climate has been commandeered by political agendas and apocalyptic prophecies. It sounds ready-made for Hollywood."

-- Rowland Nethaway, Waco Tribune-Herald

"This movie is beyond preposterous. 'The Day After Tomorrow' is to serious environmental thinking about climate change what 'Hogan's Heroes' was to serious representation of World War II prison camp experiences."

-- Steven F. Hayward, American Enterprise Institute

"Moviegoers will probably flock to 'The Day After Tomorrow' just as they flocked to 'Independence Day,' another end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it film . . . One can argue that the science in 'Independence Day' was actually better. After all, it is theoretically possible that aliens will someday invade the planet. It is not possible -- as 'The Day After Tomorrow' asserts -- to bring on an ice age in a matter of days. So by all means, enjoy the movie, and think about the larger issues it raises. But remember as you chew your popcorn in the dark: It's only a movie."

-- editorial, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The makers of 'The Day After Tomorrow' revel in the prospect of our civilization being brought low, humiliated for its sins. In the film, desperate Americans flee illegally across the Mexican border to escape the weather cataclysm. Get the irony? After the disaster, the Dick Cheney-like vice president apologizes, essentially for the fact that his country has been running a modern economy lo these many years: 'We were wrong. I was wrong.' Even with America's economy destroyed, even with millions dead there is a bright spot. At the end, an astronaut comments from far above our frozen continent: 'The air has never been so clear.' All the SUVs are buried under the tundra! 'The Day After Tomorrow' might not be much of a movie, but it is useful for providing a glimpse into the soul of left-wing environmentalism. Pretty chilling."

-- Rich Lowry, National Review

"Even as a summer disaster film, 'The Day After Tomorrow' does not rank with the greats of yesteryear. Its dialogue is overwrought, its symbolism sophomoric, its subplots annoyingly irrelevant and its relationship to scientific reality tenuous at best. But the special effects are terrific, and the timing couldn't be better. Scientists, environmentalists and a few lonely politicians have been trying without great success to get the public and the Bush administration to take global warming seriously, and to inject the issue into a presidential campaign that so far seems determined to ignore it."

-- Robert B. Semple Jr., The New York Times

"We as Americans need to create our own sequel to this movie -- and to the current policies of the Bush administration. . . . 'The Day After Tomorrow' may be harmless science fiction, but the fiction presented by those who deny that global warming is a problem has very real consequences for us all."

-- John Passacantando, executive director, Greenpeace USA

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DJ dAndroid

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Re:'The Day After Tomorrow' watch
« Reply #1 on: 2004-10-31 15:25:12 »
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I'm a heavy weather freak admittedly, so of course I love (the visuals) in this movie! I read the book (before I saw the flick) and it's reasonably faithful. The book:
The Coming Global Superstorm. by Art Bell / Whitley Strieber. Obviously they are a far cry from reputable journalists nor climatologists! However, the book is well-researched and an interesting read.
There were what? 6 Hurricanes just hit Florida? A Typhoon in Japan? Mt. St. Helens just erupted again, a scant 20 years after her last blow-up? (Volcanoes generally need time to build pressure after an eruption.)
I don't know about a suddenly new ice-age, but still!
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