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   Author  Topic: Microcosm  (Read 3036 times)

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« on: 2002-11-29 10:06:31 »
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While reading Walter's post on Cosmology, trying to figure out what is going on with the expansion of the Universe and Einstein's cosmological constant, I remembered a Greek song of the 70's based on a poem by Nazim Hikmet, a Turkish poet.

I Googled trying different guesses at how that poem should be in English, and here it was!


The poem may seem to be warping the perspective, but that's just the way poems complete the perspective.

Nazim Hikmet

When the starlight flowing into my eye like a golden drop 
Pierced the darkness
                  of space
                              for the first time,
there wasn't one single eye on the earth
looking into the sky . . .
The stars were old,
              the earth was a child.
The stars are far from us
            but so very far
                      so very far . . .
Our world is small among the stars
          but so very small
                    so very small . . .
And Asia
          is one fifth of the world,
And India
          is a country in Asia,
Calcutta is a city in India
Banerjee is a man in Calcutta . . .
And I am bringing you the news:
In India
          In the city of Calcutta
          they stopped on his way
A man who was walking
          and they chained him.
        And I don't bother anymore
to lift my head toward the bright skies.
If the stars are far,
              if the earth is small
                      I don't care at all
                                I don't mind . . .
I want you to know that I find
          more astonishing
                  more powerful
                          more mysterious and gigantic
        stopped on his way
                    and chained.

This is a fragment from an epic on the life and death of the Indian revolutionary, Banerjee, published in 1934.

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