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Cancel your Satellite and Cable; SAVE and WIN
« on: 2016-11-16 13:32:56 »
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Unplug, Save and Win ; Just Do It !

It is time to put an end to the 1984 style propaganda trash machines

I spent a few hours going back over YouTube videos of Trump and Clinton over the last 25 years. I saw nothing redeeming or inspiring about either other then Trump is a salesman and not a politician, but no ones fool. Hillary, no matter how noble her thoughts, is bought and paid for and will do the on going bidding of a self serving few. I think the media whipped folks into a misinformation frenzy and the beholding bought and paid for Politicians lost. We all have to castrate the media asap by simply cancelling Satellite and Cable; they turned it into a Crook vs Monster event. And the politically correct do good fascists deserved the bewilder slap in the face; albeit at everyone's expense. What I saw in the election numbers was a 10% shift of Women, Latino and Black votes to the Republicans away from the Democrats and that changed everything; everyone else voted like they always have. Something folks driven by the misguided Faith based rendered slop from the News-o-tainment Business are wanting to do. 1984 happened, and no body noticed.



From the mouths of babes!

Source: The Guardian
Author:  Thomas Frank
Date: 2016.11.09
Clinton’s supporters among the media didn’t help much, either. It always struck me as strange that such an unpopular candidate enjoyed such robust and unanimous endorsements from the editorial and opinion pages of the nation’s papers, but it was the quality of the media’s enthusiasm that really harmed her. With the same arguments repeated over and over, two or three times a day, with nuance and contrary views all deleted, the act of opening the newspaper started to feel like tuning in to a Cold War propaganda station.
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Where there is the necessary technical skill to move mountains, there is no need for the faith that moves mountains -anon-
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