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  Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran
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   Author  Topic: Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran  (Read 1908 times)
Walter Watts

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Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran
« on: 2006-12-11 15:07:15 »
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Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran


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Walter Watts
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Re:Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran
« Reply #1 on: 2006-12-11 21:42:27 »
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Walter happened to mention, "Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran", and I'd observe that disinformation levels are already soaring far above their usual levels of pro-Zionist slant, bias and bigotry.

Already numerous reports claiming that an Israeli-Palestinian lawyer who wanted to present information supporting the Israeli perspective was banned from Iran, with the clear implication that this was because of his position, rather than the more prosaic reality that this is a longstanding tit-for-tat diplomatic measure instituted by Iran, disallowing Israeli passport holders and people with Israeli stamps in their passports from visiting Iran, just as people with Iranian passports and passport stamps are disallowed from visiting Israel (or the occupied territories)*.

Rather like the reports about the "Israeli Lobby", and in as clear an example of tarring by association as anyone could ever wish for, no American report of the conference is complete without inclusion of praise for it by the ex-leader of the Kluless Klux Klan, David Duke**.

Finally, no mention of Ahmadinejad is possible without the now obligatory lies that he has threatened Israel's existence and "denied the Holocaust" (claims which are, as I have shown here, as is often the case with reporting from Israel, blatant inversions of reality).

Here is how the Islamic Republic News Agency reported the opening of the conference. Certainly it seems less toxic and in no way sufficiently obnoxious to justify the hysterical reporting of it in the American news. Possibly worth wondering why this should be the case.

Iran has no intention to deny, confirm Holocaust, says FM

Source: INRA
Authors: Not Credited (INRA)
Dated: 2006-12-11

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here Monday that Iran does not intend to deny or confirm the Holocaust with its opening of a conference on the subject.

Mottaki's remarks came as he delivered the inaugural address at the two-day `International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust' which opened here Monday morning.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is holding the Holocaust conference to create a suitable atmosphere for raising different points of view on a historical event (Holocaust).

"We do not intend to deny or confirm the Holocaust. If the occurrence of the event is officially questioned, the identity of the Zionist regime will also be put under question," he said.

Pointing to Iran's ancient history dating back centuries before and after Islam, he said there has been "no document unearthed proving Iranians to be racists in general and against Jews in particular because Iranians have always had great respect for divine religions."

"There has never been a battle against Jews in Islamic territories. A look at history will show that several Jews have been senior officials of Islamic governments."

Mottaki said new approaches to studies on history and analyses of historical events are realities of today.

"Those who had been accepting historical narratives as irrefutable truths now doubt them. They refuse to believe the narratives until they are confirmed as facts," he said.

He went on to say that the hue and cry raised over President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements on the Holocaust and the delay in giving a credible response is because its sympathizers know that if the occurrence of the Holocaust is in question the identity of the Zionist regime would also be in doubt.

Nevertheless, "if it (Holocaust) is indeed a historical fact, its claimants should give reasons why Palestinians should be made to pay for the crimes of the Nazis," Mottaki said.

He described as "unfounded" the idea of "a land without people and people without a land" first put forward during the 1960s when the late John F Kennedy was the US president.

"Both sides to the idea were wrong because there was neither "land without people nor did survivals of Nazi crimes have no land." The minister termed as "very difficult and sophisticated" the current situation in the Middle East and neighboring states such as Iran, saying from Afghanistan to Palestine regional nations have been dragged into an undeclared war.

He said at no other time has "the danger of foreign interference in regional affairs become clearer."

Mottaki criticized big powers who have initiated wars in the Middle East and are now indifferent to the problems of the region.

"Regional peoples continually ask for reasons behind the US' blind support for the Zionist regime, citing the US' veto of over 60 UN Security Council resolutions against Israel.

"These arrogant powers think they can guarantee its survival through military power, but history will prove them wrong.

"God has mandated that the path of history will be through freedom and human greatness."
The two-day International Conference to Review the Global Vision on the Holocaust opened at the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Monday morning.

Researchers and intellectuals from Iran, Germany, the US, Austria, Jordan, Armenia, Australia, Indonesia, Britain, Italy, Bahrain, belgium, Portugal, Pakistan, Denmark, Russia, Japan, the Ivory Coast, France, Kenya, Malaysia, Hungary, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Egypt are scheduled to deliver speeches.

`Holocaust, a Modern Viewpoint', `Holocaust, Figures, Statistics and Realities', `Historical documents on the Holocaust', `Nazism, Holocaust and the Zionists' and `Holocaust: Consequences and the Global Vision' are some of the titles of speeches to be delivered.

The conference is attended by 67 intellectuals and researchers from 30 countries.

*e.g. Etgar Lefkovits of the Jerusalem Post reports: "An Israeli Arab lawyer who has inaugurated an exhibition about the Holocaust in his Nazareth office as part of a crusade to teach the Arab world that the Holocaust did indeed happen has been barred by the Iranian government from attending this week's controversial Holocaust conference in Teheran, he said Sunday. Khaled Muhammad, 44, was denied a visa to Iran to attend the two-day event, which has been widely criticized by the West for Holocaust denial, after he sent a copy of his Israeli passport to the Iranian Embassy in Amman, he said."

**e.g. Reuters reports: "American David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, praised Iran. 'There must be freedom of speech, it is scandalous that the Holocaust cannot be discussed freely,' he said."

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