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Ultimate Threat
« on: 2006-06-01 22:55:55 »
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As investigation after investigation of alleged American atrocities in Iraq pops up on the radar it has finally become quite apparent that all Iraqis killed by America and her allies are in fact justifiable acts of self defense which occur when the freedom dispersing Americans and their denocracy loving allies are attacked by insurgents. Some not even born.

Unless it becomes apparent, even years later, that a video camera was present and used. Which in every instance of which I am aware, has had the unfortunate effect of converting these dreaded insurgents into unarmed, terrified civilians.

Fortunately the American command structure is inevitably able to swiftly exonerate everyone possibly involved with any rank at all, on the grounds that the carnage is caused, at worst, by a few overenthusiastic and slightly undisciplined troops, operating completely independently of command, that have engaged - in each instance and on that occasion only, in unjustifiable violence and brutal senseless murder. Clearly the fault is not in American troops, their training, their innocent commanders and leaders, or even in their actions, but with the video cameras.

Given unfortunate threats like this* which seem to be growing common and blatant, perhaps the US should act, at home and abroad, to declare cameras to be "terrorist weapons" and immediately remove them from everyone - just in case they force those responsible armed citizens to have to deal without compunction, like wolves, with the unarmed sheep who have been known to use cameras to force them into such brutal actions - or even to write such blatantly hypocritical cover-your-ass-notes as have now been added to that last post.


*<snip>Our press and the anti-American left both in this country and outside of it has been reporting "Hadithas" over and over again over the last three years. Time and time again our friends have accused us of every possible atrocity that there is to the point that internationally people are already able to believe this or the 9/11 stuff or all the rest.

Because of this, internationally it is totally irrelevant if the Marines actually violated the rules of war. Our foes are going to say that we've done things if we do them or not, so the only people that it really matters to will be; the people killed (and family) and the people in our own country who support the military.

The real danger is that we who support the war will reach the point that we say "we might as well be taken as wolves then as sheep". At that point the left can celebrate that they have made our military and those who support it the people they claim we are. Once that happens however any compunction about respecting them will be gone, and remember one side is armed and one is not. That is a fate that I don't wish on any of us.
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Re:Ultimate Threat
« Reply #1 on: 2006-06-02 08:29:33 »
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[Blunderov] "At that point the left can celebrate that they have made our military and those who support it the people they claim we are."

Jesus wept. I don't suppose it can have ocurred to the author of the above that perhaps the "military and those who support it" might also have made "the left" (what does this terminology actually mean in this context anyway?) into the people that the right claims that the left are. Responsibility would therefore devolve back to the right again - assuming, that one accepts this perverted excuse for logic in the first place. This way madness lies.

(I read a thought experiment once that postulated a legal defence of murder based on determinism. IMV there is no difficulty with this; the judge was deterministically fated to sentence him to death anyway, or so he could claim.)

Best Regards.

PS "Omne in praecipiti vitium stetit." Juvenal. (Every kind of vice has reached it's summit.)

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