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  RE: virus: What is on trial in the United States is not just George Bush, but also his God
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   Author  Topic: RE: virus: What is on trial in the United States is not just George Bush, but also his God  (Read 1938 times)

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RE: virus: What is on trial in the United States is not just George Bush, but al
« Reply #15 on: 2006-02-10 21:08:09 »
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[Jonathan Davis] I was genuinely stunned when I saw this was juts another anti-Bush propaganda piece (every point in that article cab, and has, been debunked).

[Hermit] Still enjoying life in an alternate Universe, or have the required standards of evidence for "debunked" changed while I've been busy? Either way, I didn't see anyone else respond to this assertion with a challenge, so please  consider yourself invited to support your assertion re the article perhaps on the Serious Business forum.

[Hermit] As far as Ahmadinejad goes, I'd suggest that you are reading right wing blogs rather than the mans own words (which I suggest don't warrant your seemingly near hysterical flood of adjectives).

[Hermit] To respond in similar couching to your own, anyone who can ignore a nation with the ability to deliver between 12,000 and 120,000 devices in a relatively short period of time (and a history as the sole detonator of nuclear devices to suit a fanatical racially and religiously bigoted agenda, now with another unstable religious fanatic at the helm), or even a nation with the ability to deliver in excess of 200 nuclear devices (and a biological and chemical warfare capability second only to the USA - along with a proven ability and willingness to attack US interests and forces), and a clear current agenda of genocide against Palestinians living within Israel (to say nothing of the occupied territories) and yet considers "the rising threat of Islam and its genocide-intent leaders" (who are arguably responding inadequately to serious and ongoing aggression from the west) worth serious consideration is, in my opinion, in serious need of a reality check, better medication or perhaps a whole lot of explanatory writing.

[Hermit] I'd suggest that the sooner Iran obtains some nukes and the ability to project them, the sooner the balance of terror can be restored and nations and fanatics can possibly stop terrorizing one another and themselves. I suggest that this might be the best we can hope for in a mad world... Until then, the world would be doing better paying some attention to the ecological catastrophe currently playing out in the Palestine, rather than fixating on positions based on primitive, brutal, misquoted, mistranslated and above all misattributed Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian religious works (which weren't worth wasting time on even when they were new).

[Jonathan Davis] What is your take on the cartoon controversy?

[Hermit] As far as I am concerned (borrowing the question) we need more "offensive" cartoons, published on a continuous basis. Simply because the "right" to "freedom of thought" is largely conditional on the "right" to the "freedom of speech", which is in turn dependent on the "right" to make "outrageous" and "offensive" statements (else the "right "to "free speech" is meaningless - no "right" is required to make "nice", "agreeable" and "inoffensive" statements), "offensive cartoons", and indeed every other kind of "offensive speech" ought, IMO, to be encouraged. Such encouragement should be "directed" at all stupidity and bigotry, as well as against perfectly sensible propositions and feelings in order to help to "desensitize" anyone who feels compelled to be offended or even to respond to other people exercising their "right" to free speech.

[Hermit] Got to run for now. Maybe more later.
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With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. - Steven Weinberg, 1999
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