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  RE: virus: Iran and Uranium Depletion
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   Author  Topic: RE: virus: Iran and Uranium Depletion  (Read 819 times)

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RE: virus: Iran and Uranium Depletion
« on: 2006-01-28 06:28:43 »
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[Blunderov] All the fuss about an Iranian Nuclear weapon seems to me to be
exaggerated. The very soonest that they can build a weapon is in about 3
years, more likely 10 years.

I wonder if the Iranians are not more interested in depleting uranium than
in enriching it? Immoral, illegal and completely reprehensible though DU
weapons are, if Americans were shooting that stuff at me I would want to be
able to fire back with some of my own. Especially at Apache helicopters
which are designed to be SAM resistant.

Not many countries have significant DU stocks.


World Depleted Uranium Inventory

Country       Organization         DU Stocks (000 Kg)
United States  USA     DOE         480,000             2002
Russia        Russia     FAEA         460,000             1996
France        France     COGEMA     190,000             2001
United Kingdom UK     BNFL           30,000             2001
Germany        Germany     URENCO      16,000             1999
Japan          Japan     JNFL           10,000             2001
People's RoC  China     CNNC             2,000             2000
Rep of Korea  S Korea     KAERI              200             2002
South Africa  SA     NECSA         73             2001
TOTAL                           1,188,273

Furthermore, only 18 countries in the world produce DU munitions. It does
not seem to me likely that Iran is one of them

I can quite understand the Bush Regime not wishing to have to swallow its
own medicine.

(Which is not to say I weyken that the Iranians don't want nukes. They would
be crazy not to. The USA doesn't attack countries that have them. But Iran's
present military concerns are necessarily rooted in the very near term. A
nuke which becomes available in 3 - 10 years is not going to help them in

Just wondering.

Best regards.


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RE: virus: Iran and Uranium Depletion
« Reply #1 on: 2006-02-13 04:05:32 »
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DU is (or at least was pre the Bushwar) readily available on world markets - at a rather low prices. Indeed, most military and many civil and private aircraft use depleted Uranium ballast (particularly for control surface balance weights) - as did Eric Tabarly's Pen Duick VI and Huey Long's Ondine II (both 1973) which had DU keels (if one is going to race IODs it helps somewhat to be extremely rich or to be a national icon - but to be both is far better), it is even used for glazing pottery including dining utensils.

But DU is not exiting. Uranium (unenriched) is readily available in many forms - including forms which are accessible - even in George VII's America, to any wanderer with a spade, geigercounter and a moderate disregard for Federal regulations. This reflects its utter uselessness unless concentrated using difficult, time and money consuming methods; rather than any above-average stupidity in the "Bushwar against rationality terror".

Possibly helpful sources: http://www.wise-uranium.org/rup.html and (DU specific) http://www.labor-spiez.ch/e/bg_info/du/


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