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The Politics of Language
« on: 2005-12-29 10:58:32 »
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The Politics of Language

Source: Peace Palestine
Dated: 2005-12-29

[Hermit] There are some problems with the following article, most glaringly an absence of "this is what damage the Israelis claim" (and even better would be an actual time-line for events along with timestamps for claims), without which the assertion "In this context Palestinian military actions are clearly defensive of community, family and livelihood." must be viewed with skepticism. I hope that this is attributable to poor editing, but fear that it may not have been. An additional issue is that the author(s) generalises overmuch (e.g. "IOF attacked civilian targets in the Gaza Strip" is unhelpful. Does this perhaps overlap with any of the other claims?) and does not provide sources for the implicit assertions, making it very difficult to decide how much weight to allocate to such reports as these. The use of cryptic abbreviations does nothing to make this article more accessible. Is the "IOF" (Israeli Offense Force perhaps) code-speak for the "IDF"? In which case, unless this article was targeted purely at an audience familiar with this code, the abbreviation should have been explained.

[Hermit] Despite all the issues referred to above, I think that this document is potentially important. After all, the IDF censors don't allow independent reporting of their activities, requiring reporters to obtain information directly from their official (dis)information channels, and some response to the global silence in the face of ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestine is useful, even if the author(s) of the following apparently (not "clearly" despite the temptation) spent altogether to much time pursuing liberal studies at the expense of logic and spelling.

Israeli Attacks on Palestinians

It is commonplace to read each day in the most prestigious newspapers (Financial Times, New York Times, London Times, Washington Post) of Israeli “retaliation”. The reportage frequently mentions a Palestinian attack on an Israeli colonial settlement in the West Bank or urban population center in Israel. The action and reaction always is located in a limited time frame. Palestinian action is always the initial moment and the Israeli military attack is always described as a response or “retaliatory” and therefore, presumably a form of defensive action, “justifiable”.

Thus what appears as objective reportage on two sets of military actions, is in fact an arbitrary selection of time frames which lays the basis for a highly biased interpretive framework. The pro-Israeli tilt, evident in the chosen time sequence, and the framework, are derived from the general ideological argument which portrays Israel as a democracy, defending itself from Arab-Muslim terrorists and not an expansionist colonial power engaged in violent ethnic cleansing and large-scale long-term forced population expulsion.

What is absent from the reportage of the prestigious “news” accounts is the sequence of events preceding the Palestinian attacks. Here we are likely to find a series of Israeli military incursions, bombings and killing of non-combatants, summary executions of political prisoners, as well as arbitrary arrests, home demolitions and illegal (even by colonial standards) land seizures.

An examination of readily available, well-documented weekly reports by Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), throws a wholly different light on the context and framework for understanding the sequence of events and, equally important, the nature and goals of the Israeli state.

For the week of December 8-14, 2005, the PCHR recorded:
  • 10 Palestinians killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) of which 7 of victims were extra-judicially executed by the IOF in the Gaza Strip.
  • 34 Palestinian civilians, including 17 children were wounded by the IOF.
  • IOF attacked civilian targets in the Gaza Strip
  • IOF conducted 40 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank
  • Houses were raided and 91 Palestinian civilians; including, university professors, parliamentary candidates and 4 children were arrested.
  • The closure of the Moslem Youth Association in Hebron for 2 years
  • A Palestinian house was seized, its occupants evicted and it was transformed into an IOF military site.
  • IOF continued a total siege on the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.
  • IOF arrested 12 Palestinian civilians, including 6 children, at various checkpoints in the West Bank.
  • IOF used rubber-coated metal bullets to disperse peaceful demonstrations protesting the Annexation Wall wounding a child and 6 demonstrators.
  • Israeli settlers continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property in the OPT, while the IOF confiscated land from several Palestinian villages, near Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem evicting 30 Palestinian families.
In this context Palestinian military actions are clearly defensive of community, family and livelihood.

A survey of previous reports covering 2005, indicates that the data for the week of December 8-14, 2005 was fairly representative of Israeli activity. If we were to multiply the weekly findings by years: 52 X 5 X military assaults? We would capture the magnitude of Israeli offensive military action. The overwhelming evidence, both in terms of scale, scope and time frame of Israeli military attacks clearly points to persistent Israeli offensive activities linked to territorial expansion, colonial oppression and ethnic cleansing.

The indiscriminant attacks on civilians and children, the systematic destruction and blockage of essential transportation and travel routes, and the vigorous application of policies of collective guilt (arresting family members of suspected guerrillas, the blowing up of family homes of suspects) have everything to do with destroying the basis of economic activity, the social fabric of civil society and family networks.

The empirical evidence provides the basis for concluding that Israeli military attacks on Palestinians, by their systematic and continuous nature, are not retaliatory; they are clearly detonators of Palestinian military responses. Israelis are not victims rather victimizers, as it evident from a multiplicity of actions: seizing homes, land, prisoners, transport routes etc. The initiative and design of the Israeli actions are directed at intimidating and impoverishing Palestinians and ultimately forcing them to abandon their country to achieve the goal of a “pure Jewish state” based on rabbinically approved “blood ties” not dissimilar from previous racialist clerical regimes.

The respectable media’s constant reiteration of the colonialist “retaliatory” rhetoric can be seen as a propaganda weapon designed to obfuscate Israeli ethnic cleansing and its military expansion, and the underlying racialist-clerical underpinnings of its strategic goal of a pure Jewish state. The media’s choice of works – adjectives and verbs – is part of a cultural war, which is embedded in the structural hegemony of pro-Israeli followers and supporters.
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With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. - Steven Weinberg, 1999
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