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  The Looming Winter of Discontent
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   Author  Topic: The Looming Winter of Discontent  (Read 1446 times)

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The Looming Winter of Discontent
« on: 2010-10-05 13:35:19 »
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[Blunderov] There is only so much brass balled blatant larceny that the public can stomach - in Europe anyway. The class war is heating up as the Winter gathers in.


Icelanders Egg PM as Global Protests Condemn Corruption and Banksters
05 October 2010, 04:31:06 PM | Rady Ananda

As proceedings begin against Iceland’s former Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, for the banking crisis of 2008, at least two thousand Icelanders took to the streets in two days of protest this weekend. Iceland joins over a dozen other nations protesting economic measures taken out on the public while banks and large corporations receive bailouts. Class war is on, and it’s gone global.

Mass protests were also held in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and the U.S., according to reports from several sources. Folks around the world reject corrupt banking practices and bailouts, while social services are cut and tens of millions have been forced into joblessness and homelessness.

Dori Sigurdsson, an Icelandic blogger, reports that when Parliament returned from recess on October 1st, they were met by a loud, angry crowd who tossed eggs, bread, dairy products and keys at them. People slept outside the Parliament building the night before its return session. He’s posted videos and several images.

Dori notes, “because of the lack of help from the Goverment for the public, many are now losing their houses and cars.” In a nation of only 317,000, 12 percent (or 40,000) have lost — or are about to lose — their homes, he says Icelanders condemn the injustice of large companies and their CEOs having had their debts forgiven by government, while theirs are not.

Three other officials were charged with “misconduct in the lead up to, during and following the banking crisis,” reports Ice News. Parliament voted to prosecute only Haarde for negligence, under a 100-year-old law that has never before been used.

Icelanders are also angry that only the former PM is being charged. One commenter on the Ice News article noted, “Is this not a total betrayal of the people?” And criminal, to reasonable minds.

Eggs hit Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, who rode into power as Iceland’s most beloved political leader with a 75% approval rating. She was installed in January 2009 after a coalition of Social Democrats and Left-Greens formed to replace the Independence Party-led coalition government, headed by Haarde, which was terminated. Should other nations terminate their corrupt governments?

The Guardian notes widespread protest across Europe “amid growing fury at austerity measures being imposed… Disruption in more than a dozen countries this week included a national strike in Spain and a cement truck driven into the Irish parliament’s gates.” Press TV also reported on protests planned in several nations last week.

Even in the US, thousands recently protested in Washington, D.C. for jobs instead of wars. ANSWER Coalition’s Brian Becker told reporters that the US spends a billion dollars every two days for its military invasions. That’s much lower than the trillion dollars a year that Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute calculates. We do know that Congress spends 58 percent of its discretionary budget on the military.

Many economists note that unemployment in the US is two to three times higher than what the Labor Department reports. In July, economists put the number at 28 percent, compared to the 9.5 percent rate reported by the feds. For September, the Christian Science Monitor showed unemployment at 16.7 percent, while the feds reported 9.6 percent.

In the US where 95% of the public rejected both Wall Street bailouts (under Bush and under Obama), we learned that banksters then rewarded themselves with million dollar bonuses. The boldness of their depravity is sure to have its rebound effect. Is it time to terminate this government too?

The Guardian also reported that a “UN agency has warned of growing social unrest because of a long ‘labour market recession’ that could last until 2015.” 2015!

Thank goodness mortgage squatters are growing in number in the US. This is even before it was discovered that “foreclosure mills” fabricated documents to seize peoples’ homes. Some of those mills do not even hold legal title, Ellen Brown reports.

In Iceland, the Guardian noted, “Birgitta Jónsdóttir, one of three MPs to join the protesters, said: ‘There is a realisation that the IMF is going to wipe out our middle classes.’” That’s true of every nation sucked into the greed of banksters, the US included.

Protesters are out again right now, Monday night, Dori told me (6 pm Eastern, 10 pm Iceland time).

“The protest is still on, and it is peaceful – but with lots of noise that can be heard in the Parliament building.
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"We think in generalities, we live in details"

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Re:The Looming Winter of Discontent
« Reply #1 on: 2010-11-28 18:39:29 »
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[Blunderov] Lenin's Tomb has been reporting extensively on the doings in the UK: in particular the student occupations.

biggest student-rebellion since 68

[Bl.] This does not appear to be a flash in the pan. The Tory headquarters were occupied and badly damaged a week or two ago. There is palpable anger and a gathering militancy abroad, and it is hoped by some, including me, that the popular discontent will escalate into a full scale national strike quite soon.

A lot of the rest of fortress Europe is under stress too. The PIGS are no more solvent than they were before and Ireland in particular has erupted.


<snip>VIOLENCE on the streets; the word Revolution daubed in red paint on the walls of the Foreign Office and a union firebrand using the rhetoric of the class warrior: as the country confronts the scale of the ConDem cuts, we seem to have been transported back more than 20 years to an era of walk-outs and civil disobedience.

Not since Arthur Scargill led the miner's strike have the unions been so openly confrontational; not since anti-poll tax campaigners engaged in pitched battles with police has such anger been unleashed on the streets of our major cities<snip>

[Bl.]Greece continues to simmer.


<snip>ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Youths hurled rocks, flares and smashed-up paving stones at police outside the U.S. Embassy in Athens on Wednesday, during a mass rally to mark the anniversary of a 1973 anti-dictatorship uprising. (Scroll down for photos)

Riot police used tear gas and stun grenades during the brief but violent confrontation with dozens of youths, and chased groups that dispersed down streets near the embassy building. At least 49 people were detained by police, authorities said, while one protester was being treated in hospital for burns.

Groups of youths continued running clashes with riot police after the end of the march, while police helicopters with searchlights circled overhead.</snip>

[Bl.] In France Eric Cantona is planning to DDoS the crap out of the French banks and I for one hope he succeeds.


Effective Protest? If enough do it - it would be an effective protest against banks.

Submitted by Hermit Barber on Sun, 11/28/2010 - 01:26
Source: Thinq
Credits: Paul Hales
Dated: 2010-11-21

[ Emilie says : Effective Protest? If enough do it - it would be an effective protest against banks. Then again, it would likely be banned as a form of terrorism before then. ]

Join Eric Cantona's cash machine revolution

More fun than a kick in the chest

Here's a question: What happens if you take a loan from the bank and can't afford to pay it it back? Answer: the bailiffs come around and take your possessions or your home and throw you out onto the street until the bank says it's satisfied.

Here's another: What happens if your bank runs out of money? Answer: The Government gives the bank YOUR money, money you have paid in taxes, in order to keep the bank managers in champagne and caviar and you in penury.

What is to be done about it? Well according to kung-fu footballer Eric Cantona, taking to the streets and protesting in the old fashioned way makes no difference whatsoever.

But there's a much more effective way of causing revolutions these says, says Eric. The whole system is based on the banks. What would happen if everybody just went down to the bank and withdrew all their money, would the whole system collapse?

The French, being the aspirant revolutionaries they are, want to find out and have decided to December 7th as the day of reckoning.

[Bl.] Meanwhile back in the USSA, there seems to be a deal of public discontent about the invasive body searches, porno-scanners and all round fascist jackbooting that is taking place in American airports. This, coupled with a declining economy (excluding the banking sector), the abandonment of the dollar, raging unemployment and the unabated brass-balled larceny of the people's so-called representatives might lead to a quite explosive situation. Oddly enough, the spark to set it off could very well turn out to be the Tea Party. It is to be wondered what will become of their anger when they discover that their candidates will no more deliver on their election promises than any of the previous incumbents did. This could well lead to stresses on the Federation sufficient to render it even more dysfunctional than it already is - which is more than somewhat

Indicative of just how overstretched the USA is are the latest shenanigans on the Korean penninsula. North Korea has judged very well that all the USA can really do is froth at the mouth a bit and appeal to China to reign them in. Obama's sending of a gunboat to intimidate the natives is estimated widely to be an A+ in lulziness and rightly so. In order to pay for it all the USA has to borrow yet more money from China thus achieving a divide by zero. Again.

1:Time to throw the money lenders out of the temple.
2:Infect Tea Party with meme.

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Re:The Looming Winter of Discontent
« Reply #2 on: 2010-12-11 15:59:44 »
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Source: http://www.24dash.com/news/communities/2010-12-09-Churchill-statue-attacked-as-students-run-riot

The statue of Winston Churchill was vandalised today as violence erupted in the shadow of Parliament as thousands of student protesters laid seige to the seat of power.

Thousands of demonstrators flooded Westminster as legislators gathered inside the House of Commons to debate plans to treble university fees.

They were met by hundreds of police dressed in protective equipment and arranged in lines up to four deep behind reinforced metal fencing.

Officers were pelted with bottles, placards and paint as a flare was thrown and roadwork barriers uprooted.

Students climbed on top of the statue of Winston Churchill and daubed it in graffiti reading: "f*** police", Clegg eat s***" and "education for the masses".

Hundreds rallied, played music and chanted on the square, shouting: "Nick Clegg shame on you for turning blue".
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Where there is the necessary technical skill to move mountains, there is no need for the faith that moves mountains -anon-
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