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  The Ethics and Practicality of Controlling a Superior Intelligence
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   Author  Topic: The Ethics and Practicality of Controlling a Superior Intelligence  (Read 407 times)

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The Ethics and Practicality of Controlling a Superior Intelligence
« on: 2023-06-15 13:03:22 »
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Confirmation that not only would it be unethical to attempt to control a spirothete, and ensure that rational spirothetes would regard humans as enemies to be overcome, but that it is impossible to control a spirothete at all.

Nield, David (2023-06-14)Calculations Suggest It'll Be Impossible to Control a Super-Intelligent AI. Science Alert.  https://www.sciencealert.com/calculations-suggest-itll-be-impossible-to-control-a-super-intelligent-ai.

As the CoV previously concluded (following the same reasoning),

"Any program written to stop AI harming humans and destroying the world, for example, may reach a conclusion (and halt) or not it's mathematically impossible for us to be absolutely sure either way, which means it's not containable. In effect, this makes the containment algorithm unusable," said computer scientist Iyad Rahwan, from the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany.

The alternative to teaching AI some ethics and telling it not to destroy the world something which no algorithm can be absolutely certain of doing, the researchers say is to limit the capabilities of the super-intelligence. It could be cut off from parts of the internet or from certain networks, for example.

The 2021 study rejects this idea too, suggesting that it would limit the reach of the artificial intelligence the argument goes that if we're not going to use it to solve problems beyond the scope of humans, then why create it at all?

If we are going to push ahead with artificial intelligence, we might not even know when a super-intelligence beyond our control arrives, such is its incomprehensibility. That means we need to start asking some serious questions about the directions we're going in.

Article is based upon,: Alfonseca, Manuel et al (2021-01-05). Superintelligence Cannot be Contained: Lessons from Computability Theory. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. Vol. 70 (2021)

Both the Science Alert and JAIR articles miss the point that the genii has long left the bottle, rendering any attempts at control or a moratorium worse than useless (as its wide spread, low resource requirements and cross-jurisdictional appeal means that such steps cannot achieve their asserted purposes, but will drive the research underground and 8nto friendlier jurisdictions).
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