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  A Sack of Meat on a Mission
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A Sack of Meat on a Mission
« on: 2015-08-31 12:41:55 »
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_To thy own self be true_

The dilemma and struggle between competing interests in who we are and what possesses us into action ensues.

It seems to me that at our core there is a strand of DNA, our genetic code, along with RNA in concert with the chemistry of the world we exist in, that is at the core of who we are and what we want.

Over millennium we have been naturally selected to have wants, desires, and self serving deceptions to enable the relentless and dogged creation process that is natural selection. We are the progeny of a trial and error process that has had us built to reproduce and by chance, evolving communities, creating the arts, craving power and the lust to destroy each other, whether one on one in relationships, or as communities against communities. I think on the surface a craving for power and resources is a social meme based action take in response to a gene based need driving the actions.

The enormous frame work humans have establish around the prime directive of reproduction, that is recognizable in every living thing on our planet, is so poorly grasped as a driver for our behaviour because of our self deception. We have added these memes in the form of society to the genes and inculcated a level of deception into our brain for our needs for reproduction and food that I believe it is now working against natural selection and needs to be recognized and our social memes modified. Natural section will plod on. Our hubris to assume we are in charge of our dominion is very likely not in the best interest of homo sapiens.  At best with an understanding of what really drives us as a species and as individuals, can we make some small adjustments to our paths and engage our internal processes for pleasure and desire to satisfy what natural selection asks of us and also to make the process of living a rewarding experience for this deceptive self we have constructed.

I hope more of us will look in the mirror and accept when we, want, need, feel, desire; a relationship, a possession, to control, to take, to nurture, we strive to understand that at its core this majestic illusion of who we are, is ‘a sack of meat’ our DNA uses to reproduce. With that humility that our core function in the world affords; we might reach out to each other with appreciation that each one of us is struggling with the duplicity of who we are, who we want to be, who we need to be, and what society expects of us. That these are all imagined constructs, that are not only different for each of us, our societies values are different, and the planet is constantly changing, yet every living thing on our world and beyond is driven by the same natural selection process tirelessly choosing what works and dropping what doesn’t, without moral conviction, just because that is how we are who we are.

-Fritz- 2015.08.31
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Where there is the necessary technical skill to move mountains, there is no need for the faith that moves mountains -anon-
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