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   Author  Topic: VBC project  (Read 2271 times)

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VBC project
« on: 2005-01-02 16:16:38 »
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Let it begin.
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Cassidy McGurk

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Re:VBC project
« Reply #1 on: 2005-01-02 18:13:06 »
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The dog was definitely in the bathroom. The door was locked and Sarah stood shockstill in the shower cubicle, the sound of the hot shower spray against the steamy plexi - glass seemingly fading out to be replaced by the incessant barking and scratching coming from only a few feet away on the inside of the door. She tried to crane her neck around the opaque barrier and could just make out a sandy coloured tail wagging from side to side and up and down in a way that suggested the animal was constantly changing position from sitting to standing, impatient at being imprisoned in the little room. But how on earth had it got into the room? Sarah was absolutely certain that there had been no dog in the tiny bathroom when she entered, she would have noticed no matter how preoccupied she had been, the room was after all too small for even a bath, hence the shower cubicle.

She slowly turned the water off at the control dial, immeadiately feeling a cold draught as the hot water ceased spraying her body, accentuating the goosebumps that the dog had induced.

There was no way it could have come in through the window, it had been painted shut during the last round of redecoration three years before and besides, it was too floors up with no obvious means of reaching it.
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David Lucifer

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Re:VBC project
« Reply #2 on: 2005-01-04 13:20:17 »
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Sarah slowly pushed the shower stall door open, not wanting to make a sound. The dog was sitting on the floor with its back toward her. It appeared to be a mixed breed, but almost certainly with some german shephard blood. She squeezed her eyes shut, thinking that perhaps the dog would go away but the sound of another scratch on the bathroom door dispelled that notion. Sarah reached for a towel to cover herself, and almost dropped it when the dog turned around and spoke to her.
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Re:VBC project
« Reply #3 on: 2006-07-11 14:04:11 »
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[Fox: Sorry if this seems abit to long, just trying to give the project a jump start.]

"How do you do". The voice came so direct she could have sworn it was from within her own head.
Sarah almost frantically began looking around the room, her mind in a daze as she started wrapping the towel tighter around herself searching for the origin of the voice.
"I said, how do you do. It's quite rude to ignore ones greeting you know"

Sarah's head slowly turned, her face contorted in shock as she stared into the dog's own eyes. The dog seemed rather amused with her state of Counttenance, turning it's head at her and blinking twice. "Is that...is that you, I can hear?" The dog almost seemed to chuckle at her responce. "But...no...nah, thats impossible. I mean, your a, a...a dog" She said, shaking her head is disbelief. The dog looked delighted. "Well, appearances can be deceiving. Yet impossible is nothing my dear when one knows how" As the canine turned its head back to the door. "If it really is you that I can hear then why doesn't your mouth open, or even move when you talk?" the dog turned its head back to face her. "Well I did say that appearances can be deceiving..."
Sarah gave a quizzical glance as she began to look around the small room once more. "So I'm really not talking to a dog?"
"Oh you are, its just that a dog is not really talking to you" now she was confused.

"Then...who are you? where are you? and what is a dog doing in my bathroom acting like it can talk?" the dog seemed to sigh and turned around to completly face her. "who and where I am is not really important at this moment in time. As to why there is a dog in your bathroom, and what I am doing, I guess that does require some explanation...I really didnt expect to find anyone here. The brain of this canine has been augmented by myself with certain machines; such implants are typically neural, and the basic implant is a net of nanomachines that mimic their host's brain structure and augment the host's neural capabilities. Artificial enhancements such as vision overlays are not uncommon. I can communicate neurally through fields generated by other such implants and certain brain waves. I am using this dog because something on this side has caught my attention, a small rip in spacetime which just happens to be right beside your bathroom door. Yet the Strings of energy on this side seem unable to close it...which leads me to believe that it is intended. I am here to establish who, or what is doing this...and why."

Now Sarah was really confused, so much for her quite night in, she thought.
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