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   Author  Topic: virus: Here comes the sheriff  (Read 4528 times)
David Lucifer

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virus: Here comes the sheriff
« on: 2003-08-06 23:08:25 »
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The recent conflict on the list has escalated to the point where I
am forced to lay down the law before it is ready. The plan was to
use the new reputation system (or something like it) to establish
CoV policy including rules concerning proscribed behaviors in the
public forums and measures for dealing with transgressors.

In the meantime, since I have the power to do so I will lay down
my own law, wild west style. Once the new system is in place we
will be able to ratify it or amend it as much as needed.

As of now we will not tolerate personal attacks in any CoV forum
(including the list, BBS, and #virus channel). I won't bother
defining what constitutes a personal attack, we have seen many
examples lately, and ultimately (for now) it is up to me to decide
so err on the side of caution.

Anyone breaking this rule (in my view) will suffer The Silencing
for a period of one week on their first offence. This means they
will be unsubscribed from the mailing list, their account will
be disabled on the BBS by changing the password, and they will
be banned from the #virus channel. In other words, they will be
unable to participate in any CoV public forums (though they are
free to read the archives as a non-member). On the second offence
the period will double to 2 weeks, and will double again for
every offence after that.

Any and all trangressions that happened before this message hits
the archives are hereby pardoned. Public apologies for past
transgressions will be gratefully accepted, but excuses will
be politely ignored.

Until we have a more formal system in place (hopefully soon),
I reserve the right to add more rules governing behavior in
the public forums. Anything not explicitly prohibited is permitted,
but please don't use that as an excuse for regrettable behavior.

David Lucifer
First Host, Church of Virus

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Joe Dees

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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #1 on: 2003-08-06 23:19:14 »
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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #2 on: 2003-08-06 23:32:53 »
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Not bad for a Canadian attempt at Wild West justice. 

I approve.

And I hereby apologize for the way I treated you several months back. In your case I should not have let my temeper get to me.

Good luck as sheriff
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RE: virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #3 on: 2003-08-06 23:20:30 »
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Cassidy McGurk

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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #4 on: 2003-08-07 20:26:36 »
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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #5 on: 2003-08-17 07:03:56 »
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Quote from: irvken on 2003-08-07 20:26:36   


thanks for saying this.  I voted for the sheriff this time around, but I make no promises for tommorrow.  I think a good next move against this type of fascism might best play out as giving the sheriff a blank check for the first silencing (or even maybe the first two silencings).  But I think if we people get thrown off for a month (4weeks), as a community we might want to know about it and the reasons for it (and perhaps one day we can even have designated group to decide on greater silencings).
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Mo Enzyme

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Matt Arnold

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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #6 on: 2004-05-24 15:10:43 »
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In cases like this, it would be good in the future to hold a vote to decide whether a specific post qualifies for The Silencing. "Is So-and-so's post on such-and-such a date and time a personal attack making him/her eligible for The Silencing?" "Yes/No"
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Re:virus: Here comes the sheriff
« Reply #7 on: 2004-05-24 19:49:33 »
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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the CoV.  Your response is appreciated.  In the past, a vote was used to silence individuals for spamming the list and making disparaging remarks towards fellow members of the CoV.  All the same, it's great to see that you're taking an active role in the CoV and I hope to see your continued posting in the future. 

Kind regards,
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