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  Computational Universe and How deep does the Rabbit hole goes...
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   Author  Topic: Computational Universe and How deep does the Rabbit hole goes...  (Read 3626 times)

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Computational Universe and How deep does the Rabbit hole goes...
« on: 2010-07-04 03:37:47 »
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So it might be that our Universe is just a big computational device... So what about a Creator, the master programmer?

What if this Universe is designed, but the "designer" just pressed the "Go" button and left it running wild, never taking care to look again at the results of his own creation?

Can we reach the outter limits of the physical constraints we have here, and "infect" some outer level of simulation with "our" memes?

What if we produce a bug in the system, that affects the machinery of our meta-world, breaking the Reality alltoghether? What about the meta-meta-world?

Meh... He/She/It would be an evolving thing. Otherwise it doesn't make any sense.
If such a thing exists at all... 
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Re:Computational Universe and How deep does the Rabbit hole goes...
« Reply #1 on: 2010-11-18 19:20:32 »
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It doesn't necessarily follow from the idea that the Universe is a Big Computer that there is a Big Programmer with a consciousness like ours; it could have formed in whatever meta-domain such things happen by a process like crystal growth, perhaps spurred by evolutionary pressures.  The Universe presents to us as being an extremely simple thing (though containing a lot of information, lots of copies as it were of the same simple things over and over again).  If the Universe is really a more complicated thing (perhaps containing less real information but using processing to cover that up, as all video games do) then it may have advanced under an evolutionary pressure to make itself as large as possible by using basic pattern recognition techniques to simplify groups of particles into structures with more complex internal states.  A uranium atom's complete state comprises a lot less information than all of the individual subatomic particles that make it up treated separately.  Learn how to do this ever better for a few billion years and you might have "particles" representing entire living organisms.

The difference between such a universe and one that is really made up of all the little particles, of course, is that the smart universe can break its own rules, though it might try to do so in ways that aren't provably against the rules.  The dumb particles aren't so likely to do such things.
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