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  Creative Endeavor #1 - Grokking Pure Metaviral Theory
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Creative Endeavor #1 - Grokking Pure Metaviral Theory
« on: 2005-02-19 20:24:51 »
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In this topic, I will attempt to lay out an image in your head.

The imagery is about semiotics, memory, human feedback loops, collective processing, learning, understanding, information, networks, databasing, perception, interpretation.

It's a geometry.

Imagine a person standing on a city street. The entire world stretches out in all directions around that person. Since depth is conjoined by our two eyes, imagine it is Odin, One-Eye, standing at the corner of 12th and Madison in Seattle, waiting for Ragnarok.

Because Odin has only one eye, all items are equally distant. It is as if he lived in the Truman Show, all the universe around a dome, a sphere, a map. 

This is our semiotic cloud. It is the everything we are experiencing in real time. Raw Data. Imagine it as an electron shell. It zips and whizzes around us.

Root structure to this sphere is every other articulation/version this sphere has ever had. In can be thought of as a hypersphere.

Ever done the mathematics of a hypersphere?  If we take it that sqrt (x^2 + y^2 + z^2 + t^2) = r, then the idea is that at t=0, we just get a sphere.

For every moment forward or backwards in time, that would subtract from the radius of the sphere, cascading towards zero at the earliest memories.

There are some limitations of describing our experiental map purely as a hypersphere - it would imply that the memories began at a fixed point and end at exactly that distance from now - that everyone imagines themselves to die exactly as far in the future as they remember into the past.

So instead, let's think of it as a set of hyperspheres. If you can. Do you know how frustrating it is to think in geometries and not know anyone who thinks in geometries? Mandelbrot use to imagine all mathematics in geometries, straight up.

Okay, so we know memory is linked to emotional state. Did you know that? Good research shows that.

So the hypersphere is colored by our particular emotional state.

Imagine you were a happy young woman of 22. Rich home, happy life, off to college, job in journalism, whatever. All the memories of the entire life stretching backwards in time are all pretty much fine.

One sexual assault, and suddenly the entire world is changed.

Now everything of the past is completely rewritten in terms of the present. The future is rewritten. Two sets of memories begin to coincide, the sphere reaching back to the event, and the sphere that existed after.

With luck, integration and healing of these two semiotic clouds will come. Without luck, the fact of the difference between the two will become the norm, the driving force. 

After many, many years, those walls will grow thin. At some point, the person might be brought into contact with how the sphere of the damaging experience has been allowed to run rampant over the rest of their life. That is to say, the sexual assaulter gained far more than a single night of damage, it gained ten, twenty, thirty years of damage. Who won?

The mind at that point may realize the love lost, the time lost, the waste of it all. Then the before/after integration becomes understanding how the time before synthesizing the memory matches up with the time after.

Why this examination of this story? It is a high contrast example of a semiotic field coming into synthesis.

Odin is standing on 12th and Madison, contemplating the sphere and the hypersphere of memory that shapes his understanding.

Loki walks up, looking like a shapely young woman. Odin is interested. Data has changed in his semiotic sphere. The images, shapes, symbols that he is looking at are not the same as they were a moment ago.

Something has changed.  We notice change in our environment. Change. We notice change.

I write a lot. I write to see who notices, how they notice, why they notice, what they notice, what they do about it, etc. I inserted my presence here into the CoV over time. This created a certain sense of belonging about my presence here. I put out information and watched for a sense of acceptance.

Loki root hacks Odin into accepting his presence as a young woman by not approaching. Instead, the Loki woman stands on the corner, allegedly waiting to cross. As she does, she fiddles in her backpack. When she turns and enters Odin's space, she has a reason to be there.

a) her local existence is explained by the waiting for the corner.
b) her local interference is explained by the rummaging in the bag.

"Do you have a cigarette?"

Odin is standing on the street corner, contemplating his sphere and hypersphere. He allows the young woman her existence in the sphere, because he groks her intent to be non-related to him. When he sees her rummaging in her bag, it occurs to him that she is in need, of a certain sort. Therefore, he is not surprised that she turns to him.

What has happened here? The sphere of reality around him has been penetrated. Has the sphere of memory? Has the sphere of future?

What if she did the same thing every day for ten years. Then the sphere of memory would practically write her out of the picture. The day she asked for a cigarette would be a moment of interest.

Our brains like change. The brain also rejects change. How to reconcile the two? Get the brain to take the new idea as both change and not change.

Damn it! I can't talk straight these days. It is going to take days of nonlinear communication to get back towards linear. This is what happens when data begins reconnecting in my head - my sphere cascades outwards in a larger sphere.

More on odin and loki and street corner soon.


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