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  Religious success is due to herding.
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   Author  Topic: Religious success is due to herding.  (Read 530 times)

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Religious success is due to herding.
« on: 2005-12-24 22:09:10 »
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People are cattle when it comes to labels. Do you ever go to someone and tell them one of your official labels; diagnoses, memberships, achievements, things like that? Sure, that's no crime. But how many do the same thing with religion?

I suspect that most religious success has really little to do with a philosophy or tradition or glamorous embellishment. It has to do with rules the religion assumes that people think it can dictate. Do you ever hear of someone reasoning their religion based on their past marriages, family they're born into, initiations for which they didn't attain a formal excommunication from?

All these thousands / millions of people registered or self-proclaimed under a religion often has nothing at all to do with what they believe. They're just following along because they felt that's what they're supposed to do. You're born caucasian, and people tell you you're caucasian because of your birth, parents, skin colour etc. Still there is no official means of documenting genetic inheritance as "caucasian." You just look white.

Likewise with religion, so many hardly ask themselves at all what points they would dispute or accept about their religion. Or what makes them a member of the religion. There is really little that can officially identify what religion they fall under because the religion doesn't even need a sensical means of recording whom is and isn't a member. I remember thinking to myself younger: "I was baptized, that means I'm Christian doesn't it?" I'm afraid that many people have fallen into the same loop I did and never broke free of it. They put their religion on a technicality of their origin, and an assortment of national laws mixed with ceremonial nonsense.

There really should be more clarity given to children in schools, saying "YOU CAN CHOOSE!" for god's sake. Many people don't realize until they're 40, and so continue because there's little point in changing after all that time.

Just another improportionate example of how so many people are horrifyingly stupid because competing groups want them that way.
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Re:Religious success is due to herding.
« Reply #1 on: 2006-02-02 17:23:35 »
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