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  FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667
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   Author  Topic: FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667  (Read 4128 times)

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FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667
« on: 2002-09-02 04:48:11 »
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FAQ to Be:

Debates are intended to entertain and educate us. They are intended to stimulate thought and discussion in a friendly manner. Due to the often-strong feelings and sometimes-poor behavior during informal discussions, formal debate rules will be used.

Information for channel #debate:

    Founder: Hermit
    Successor: Lucifer
    Description: Channel for formal debates - please refer to the FAQ
    Registered: Sep 02 02:32:39 2002 MDT
    Entry message: If you are not familiar with the channel rules, or topic, please refer to http://virus.lucifer.com/bbs/index.php?board=31;action=display;threadid=26335
    URL: http://virus.lucifer.com/bbs/index.php?board=31;action=display;threadid=26335
    E-mail address: Hermit
    Ban type: 2
    Options: Topic Retention, OP Notice, Peace, Secure, Secure Ops, Secure Founder, Signed kicks, Topic Lock, xOP lists system
    Mode lock: +mnrt This channel will not expire.
    Associated Channels:


        The #debate channel is moderated. Only the chairman, debaters, moderators and judges (including timekeepers if appointed) will be opped in #debate. Users addressing the chairman, debators or floor will be voiced in #debate. The principle debate will occur here. We recommend that people joining this channel also join #debate-discuss which will generally be unmoderated.


        This channel is intended to allow users to comment on the formal debate occuring in #debate. It should be noted that discussion of the content on #debate is encouraged and takes precedence over other discussions which may arise in #debate-discuss.


        This channel is purely for the benefit of those organizing and managing a debate. To this end, only the chairperson, judges and channel operators and anyone invited by the chairperson will be permitted in #debate-judge. At the discretion of the chairperson, the log, or portions of the log from this channel may be published after completion of a debate.

    Debate topics, participants and times will be announced on this thread, on the CoV maillist and on the IRC server, irc.lucifer.com.
    Debate times will be shown in GMT. Translation to local times may be made at http://www.timeanddate.com/
    People are requested to reply to this thread to suggest debate topics.
    The proposed duration of debates is about 1 hour.
    Logs and judging will be posted to this thread.
    Comments, Questions and Requests for Information: May be addressed to Hermit

    Rules of Conduct For #debate and #debate-discuss

    Following is a list of rules that we suggest all IRC guests on #debate and #debate-discuss follow. We aren't fascists and we will not punish guests for little things, but we would appreciate it if visitors stuck to the rules. The consequences of breaking said rules may result in a warning, a muting, a kick or even a ban if the offence is severe enough.

  • Implementation: AOPs will defer to SOPs and AOPs and SOPS will defer to the Chairperson of the day who will have final say on any matters concerning the implementation of these rules. Any AOP, SOP or the Chairperson may implement any action they feel necessary to maintain order at any time.

    • Rule No 1: On all IRC channels, Rule #1 is “don’t piss off the ops.” These channels are no exception.
    • No Spamming, Flooding or repetition: Please, do not take part in flooding, spamming or generally repeating insane comments over and over.
    • No Flaming: Flaming is constructed as attacks on other users. This includes insults, bigotry and "newbie trolling". We do not appreciate our members or visitors being subjected to such behavior.
    • No Advertising: While advertising for the purpose of advertising is not permitted and will get an offender banned, providing links in context is allowed and encouraged.
    • No op-begging: Ops are earned and are not given away at random. Users may request a voice when seeking to address the floor by messaging the chairbot, but asking for ops will result in a refusal.
    • No Bots: While IRC Bots can be fun, only SOPS are permitted to have bots in the #debate or #debate-discuss channels unless special permission is given. This is to ensure that flooding and spamming do not occur. Usually only loglady and chairbot will be permitted in the debate channels.
    • No Caps, Join/Parts and Colors: Excessive use of Caps, Colors, or Joining/Parting the channel is discouraged as they distract debaters and reduce the value of the channel. In any case, they probably are not visible to all users and may cause some users difficulty. Continued usage may result in the user being banned from the channel.
    • Debates: #debate and #debate-discuss are intended for formal debates and discussion of them. Some topics or discussion triggered by them may be controversial. While we respect your opinions, please do not be insulting or irrelevant. While we will not eject anyone from #debate-discuss if their opinions differ, should a discussion turn into a flamewar then the ops WILL step in to restore the channel to order. This will probably lead to channel bans being issued.
    • No Arguing Channel policy, Whinging or Whining: This is not usually permitted. These rules are here for a reason. If you feel they are unfair or you wish to discuss the rules with an operator, contact the chairperson, Hermit or another of the channel operators. Do not discuss channel policy openly in #debate or #debate-discuss. This includes bans, kicks or warnings. Please note that ban evasion constitutes server abuse and will lead to your being permanently banned from the channel, and probably killed or banned from the server.
    • Have fun: While this list of rules may seem excessive, they are here to ensure an enjoyable experience for debaters, organizers and visitors alike. These “Rules of Conduct” apply to all users of these channels.

    Modified Roberts Rules

    Debate Format

    The format of  meetings held in #debate may be a classical one-on-one debate or forum debate over a proposition, a panel discussion, a presentation by an invited guest or some other format as deemed appropriate by the channel chairperson for the event. The chairperson shall act as a neutral moderator. The moderator has final say on the propositions, argument duration, points of order and controls the floor.

    Debates may be classic (one debater proposing one opposing a formal motion), forums (groups of debaters on each side), discussions or other format selected by the chairperson (moderator).

    The chairman shall be responsible for formulating the proposition or topic and deciding whether a panel of judges is required. When a panel of judges is not appointed, determination of the victor may be made via a poll posted to the Church of Virus mail-list and placed on the CoV bulletin board or by the chairperson making a decision. The method of judging will be posted on the BBS prior to the debate.

    The #debate channel will be used by the chairperson, judges (if appointed for a debate) and debaters or debating teams. Anyone is welcome to join and listen to the debaters who will speak there. Only debaters, judges, AOPs and SOPs and the chairman will have voices in #debate. While debaters will likely be too busy during a debate, the audience is encouraged to gather in #debate-discuss to discuss what is said. Where possible, debaters are invited to join #debate discuss after the conclusion of the formal session. The general channel rules as provided here should be followed in #debate-discuss, and everyone joining is requested to respect other people's feelings, and also to restrict the volume of their comments to allow those who wish to, to comment.

    In debates where judges are appointed to ensure a balanced and accurate judgment (bearing in mind that a decision on a debate is based purely on the strength or weakness of the arguments and counterarguments presented during the debate), the judges, chairperson and channel ops will meet in #debate-judges. The #debate-judges channel will be restricted to ops only and only the above will be opped. It is suggested that when judges are appointed that 3 are appointed for each side, with a neutral moderator (the chairperson). The chairperson, assisted by the judges when appropriate, will apply the simplified Robert's Rules of Order for IRC and attached at the end of this document. In the event of a dispute over rules, not included in this simplified Robert’s, the Judges shall examine the 1915 Robert's and if that fails, the 1996 revision, to discover an applicable precedent, and will use an appropriate precedent if possible. In any case any dispute will be resolved through discussion and a determination by the chairperson or when applicable, through a vote by the judges - again under Robert's rules.

    Each debater or team will provide a summary of their position and, when applicable, a list of members and if they desire, a short introduction, to the chairman at least 3 days (i.e. 72 hours) prior to a debate or be declared in default.

    Team Introduction

      On the day of the debate, and starting at the scheduled debate time, the Chairman will introduce the motion or topic and debaters or teams, who may choose to make an additional introduction of themselves (not more than 2 minutes) or their backgrounds in #debate. It should be noted that if a team later wishes to assert expertise, that this has to be founded in this introduction.

    Proposition Introduction

      The chairman will then introduce the debating proposition/s.

    Positional Statements

      An introductory period of at most 5 minutes will be provided to each debater/team to state its position. If a team based debate, this introductory period will be managed by the teams internally.

    First Affirmative

      The proposing team will have 5 minutes for a first affirmative of the proposition.

    First Negative

      The opposing team will have 5 minutes for a first negative of the proposition.

    Affirmative Rebuttal

      The proposing team will have 5 minutes for an affirmative rebuttal of points made by the opposing team during their first negative.

    Negative Rebuttal

      The opposing team will have 5 minutes for a negative rebuttal of points made by the proposing team during their first affirmative or affirmative rebuttal.

    Affirmative Restatement

      The proposing team will have 5 minutes to answer any arguments raised by the opposing team during the negative rebuttal and will restate their case.

    Negative Restatement

      The opposing team will have 5 minutes to answer any arguments raised by the proposing team during the affirmative rebuttal and will restate their case.


      A request for comments or suggestions including future topic suggestions will be made by the chairperson.


      If a team of judges is involved, or the chairperson is making a determination, the verdict will be issued. Alternatively a vote will be held on the Church of Virus BBS. Such a vote will not conclude before at least 72 hours have elapsed subsequent to the posting of the logs on the Church of Virus BBS.


      The chairman will thank the judges and participants.


      The log of the debate will be posted to the Church of Virus BBS.

    Public Votes

      If a public vote is to be held, this is to be posted to the BBS.


      Should a follow-up debate be scheduled, the victors of the debate will nominate the topic for the next debate.


      Should a debater be disconnected during a debate, the clock shall be stopped until the debater returns, the team determines to proceed without that debater, or the scheduled debate period is completed. Should this occur, the chairperson shall be entitled to declare a draw, a winner or a suspension sine dies until the debate can be resumed.  Should the chairperson be disconnected during a debate, the clock shall be stopped until the chairperson returns or for 5 minutes. Should the chairperson not return the debaters may elect to appoint an alternate chairperson from the SOPs and AOPs of #debate, to declare a draw or to suspend the debate sine dies.

    Roberts Rules Simplified for the Judges in #debate
      The following three points are always in order:

      1. Point of Order: a question about process, or objection and suggestion of alternative process. May include a request for the facilitator to rule on process.
      2. Point of Information: a request for information on a specific question, either about process or about the content of a motion. This is not a way to get the floor to say something you think people should know. People misusing points of inform ation in this fashion will be defenestrated, or otherwise sanctioned forcefully.
      3. Point of Personal Privilege: a comment addressing a personal need - a direct response to a comment defaming one's character, a plea to open the windows, etc.


      All motions must be seconded, and are adopted by a majority vote unless otherwise noted. All motions may be debated unless otherwise noted. Motions are in order of precedence: motions may be made only if no motion of equal or higher precedence is on the floor (i.e., don't do a number 5 (move to end debate) when the body is discussing a number 4 (move to suspend rules)).

      1. Motion to Adjourn: not debatable; goes to immediate majority vote.
      2. Motion to Recess: not debatable. May be for a specific time.
      3. Motion to Appeal the Facilitator's Decision: Not debatable; goes to immediate vote. Allows the body to overrule a decision made by the chair.
      4. Motion to Suspend the Rules: suspends formal process for dealing with a specific question. Debatable; requires 2/3 vote.
      5. Motion to End Debate and Vote or Call the Question: applies only to the motion on the floor. Not debatable; requires 2/3 vote.
      6. Motion to Extend Debate: can be general, or for a specific time or number of speakers. Not debatable; requires 1/2 vote.
      7. Motion to Refer to Committee: applies only to the main motion. Refers question to a specific group with a specific time and charge; requires 1/2 vote.
      8. Motion to Divide the Question: breaks the motion on the floor into two parts, in manner suggested by mover; requires 1/2 vote.
      9. Motion to Amend: must be voted for by a majority to be considered and by a 2/3 vote to be passed. If amendment is accepted as "friendly" by the proposer of the amendment then it will be allowed to be accepted without a formal vote; this is a way of including a consensus-building process into procedure without endless debate over amendments to amendments. Note that this is a change to the formal rules. Strictly speaking, once the main motion is made it is the property of the body to amend.
      10. Main Motion: what it is you're debating and amending.

    Other Meeting Guidelines

      1. When a topic is first introduced or a main motion is made, allow all questions for information purposes to be asked before opening to debate.
      2. Discourage the repetition of arguments. Attempt to call on people who have not yet spoken before those who have already spoken. Discourage dialogues that start up between two individuals in debate.
      3. If debate carries on too long, impose time limits on speakers.
      4. Discourage people from talking in initials - spell them out.
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Re:FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667
« Reply #1 on: 2003-10-06 17:30:34 »
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I finally found the timeto forae the FAQs. And here is a FAQ that is over a year old dleineating Formal Debate.

Yup, I'm stating the obvious. Casue there are people arguing abou this very thing.

It is a done deal. Established and in the books.

Formal Debate is a part of the historical record at CoV.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Re:FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667
« Reply #2 on: 2003-10-11 16:58:53 »
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nicely done
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Re:FAQ: #debate channel on irc.lucifer.net:6667
« Reply #3 on: 2003-10-12 16:37:09 »
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Now, as time and my right wrist, currently sans "carpal tunnel" allow, I shall go on to bring to bear other GLARING attempts to reinvent things and other INCONSISTENCIES about the archives, annals and textual suppositories that vent forth from time to time.

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"Howdy pawdna. Yeee-freakin-haw!! We got us another good ole boy in da White Wash"

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