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FAQ: Index
« on: 2002-04-09 23:15:22 »
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Good place to start if you're new here.
  • FAQ: Index
  • Best of Virus - Reply to this article to suggest posts that you consider to best represent the Church of Virus or which you consider to contain items of exceptional merit.
  • FAQ: What is a Virian - A Virian is someone who uses rational cognition to recognize, create, host, and propagate successful and beneficial memes.
  • FAQ: Prayer and Medicine - The studies claiming health benefits from “prayer” are deeply flawed. There is no reliable evidence that “prayer” changes the prognosis or outcome of cases.
  • IRC FAQ Collection

    • FAQ:The Joy of IRC[/url] - This FAQ introduces IRC, suggests and suggests ways to begin using it.
    • FAQ: IRC - Commands and Servers - This FAQ provides a quick introduction and longer reference to the commands which may be issued to the IRC servers implemented by the Church of Virus.
    • FAQ: IRC - Acronyms and abbreviations

  • Hitler The “Good Christian”
  • FAQ: The 100th Monkey or the Critical Mass of Enlightenment - This FAQ addresses the "Critical Mass of Enlightenment" or "100th Monkey" phenomenon, and reports that the originator of the concept, Lyall Watson, admits to having made it up!
  • FAQ: Epistemology, Axioms, Reality, Consciousness, the Universe and Everything - A brief introduction as to why epistemological approaches are preferred to ontological approaches, including an introduction to the idea of axioms, reality, consciousness and the Universe.
  • FAQ: UTism what is it - UTism: Us vs. Them 'ism. It is suggested that UTism is a "genetically based level 2 xenophobic memeplex." Historical causes are examined and the author concludes "oversimplification and generalizations of UTism that once protected a community have now become a primary danger to the overall stability and prosperity of society.  We must realize this and reject it."
  • FAQ: The Scientific Method - This FAQ describes the consensus view of the scientific method.
  • FAQ: Faith and truth in science - This FAQ addresses the question of "Faith" in Science in order to demonstrate why scientists eschew faith.
  • FAQ: The Gator Fate - A believer is cautioned on the approach taken to believers by the Church of Virus. This remains one of the all time classics posted to the CoV.
  • FAQ: Donating to the Church of Virus - Three alternate messages of donating to the Church of Virus are introduced. See also http://virus.lucifer.com/bbs/support.html
  • FAQ: Hermitish mail mark-up and citation V2.1 - This FAQ addresses the issues of mail-markup (formatting), citation, titling and snipping. A preferred approach to dialog mark-up, permitting easy use with ASCII email, as well as providing “safe” markup for display within systems displaying mail-list comments for access by web-browsers is introduced. In addition, the recommended format permits readers and author’s to follow “threaded-discussions” without difficulty.
  • FAQ: BBS Markup
  • Templates: Format for FAQs
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Re:FAQ: Index
« Reply #1 on: 2003-10-12 16:40:47 »
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The FAQ-dex is ALWAYS a good place to start, even for ARCHONS.

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